Stadium Horn/Vuvuzela

Isn't it funny that people are acting as though the Stadium Horn is something new because it's called a Vuvuzela by some South Africans?

These things have been around for decades at Ottawa Rough Riders/Renegades games. We've even had a couple in our closet gathering dust since the last team folded.

Wouldn't have been a Rough Riders game without one!

Mind you I never realized how awful they sound "en masse"...

Er... I thought the stadium horn and the vuvuzela were the same thing too, but I got an email from the TiCats just the other day advertising $8.00 vuvzelas and $10.00 football horn. What's the dif? No idea, other than the price.

I don't think they're quite the same thing. I think the ones they had in SA are shorter and "buzzier". But I don't know for sure.

I had one of those horns when I was a kid in Edmonton — they've been around that long. The Canadian ones are a lower pitch than the shorty South African ones.

They are most definitely not the same thing. Ours are air horns, theirs are vuvuzelas. There is a huge difference in the tone they make.

How about we organize a crowd to walk around the Glebe blowing Vuvuzela's before and after the first home game at the new stadium?

I could get into that... :lol:

Well worth the $10 investment. :thup: