Stadium History Questions

Hi there,

Just looking through some 1970 OPC football cards. Anyone recognize / have any info on:

  1. The stadium in the background on the Lions cards?

  2. Practice facility on the Riders card?

  3. Practice facility on the Als card?





My guesses for the Lions cards are McMahon Stadium prior to expansion, the the Riders one I believe is from their old practice field at the racetrack they used to bus to Taylor Field from, based on the white fencing in the background. Not sure about the Alouettes one.

Nope, not McMahon for the lions. Pre 1986 McMahon had multicoloured bench seating (each section was a different colour).

Wow, those bring back a lot of memories. I think I had those cards when I was a kid (they came with a big chuck of rock hard bubble gum).
I would think that the stadium in the pics with the Lions was Empire Stadium. Never been to Empire, so I could be wrong.

Empire Stadium was roof covered on both sides with end zone seating all around on the South side. North end zone us kids sat back there on the grass incline.

Dennis Duncan is wearing the 1970 1st year of the Green jersey. The Als practiced at the Autostade in 1970, but the background certainly does not look like the Autostade.

The photo might have been taken at training camp, held in 1970 in Vaudreuil, a suburb west of Montreal.

Duncan of course was notorious for being suspended by Sam Etcheverry prior to the Als 1970 playoff and Grey Cup run, for being caught breaking curfew in a Crescent Street establishment prior to the season`s final game.

...that was my first guess too, but after looking at a pic of McMahon from that era I'm not so sure:

...the light towers for McMahon from the pic above and others of that vintage show they are clearly behind the stands, and in that picture of the Lions player the light tower is sort of beside the end of the stands...that and the coloured seat sections JV5 brought up...

Were they multicoloured back in 1969 though when these pictures would have been taken? My other guess would be Clarke Stadium in Edmonton, but not sure what the seating/lights looked like.

I would go with Clarke Stadium as well . The only other one maybe Taylor Field with the light posts turned that way .

Thanks for the replies! The other cards from 1970 at McMahon stadium shows a letter for each section at the top of the stands...not so for these Lions cards. It's probably Edmonton or Regina?

Definitely not Taylor Field

After more searching.... I'm now pretty sure it's Clarke Stadium in Edmonton. Thanks for the replies!

Perhaps it was from wherever training camp was held.


It’s Taylor Field.

...yeah, i'd say you are correct EVM, take a look at this pic:

...the grandstand exits match, the double angle of the grandstands match, but the smoking gun is that light tower placement in relation to the end of the grandstand...;topic=105893.0;attach=1147;image

...the other thing that might solidify this investigation is that the BC Lions players are wearing their away colours, which is the uniform they would've brought with them for a trip to Regina...

Taylor Field has had multi-coloured seats since at least the 50’s - not what is in those pictures: I’m still going with Clarke Field: that looks nothing like the Taylor Field I started going to in 1971

...paint’s a pretty easy thing to change...structural geometry and giant light towers less so...

...This is Clarke Stadium..where is the light tower at the end of the stands?

One of the wierdest stadiums in Canada. Autostade in Montreal.

...the 55 yard line seats there are the cheap ones!