Stadium Gameday Viewing Party

Anyone else going to the stadium today?

How many did go? Was it a good experience? Should they do it again next year?

Thought it was a great time, I was kinda surprised by how many people were actually there (record/opponent etc)

Locker room tour was pretty neat, lots of photo ops.

Weather was awesome, bunch of people playing on the field, taking their chances trying to kick into the wind... (good from 25 wide from 30 for me... lol)

reduced concession prices, staff was helpful, ticket reps in the upper lounge re-upping season tickets.

Had a great time, can only imagine what it would have been like if the game had meaningful to the standings, great atmosphere as it was, but wow that place could have been pumping if the playoffs were on the line.

Not usually one to pump the org's tires, but thought this was a really fun event, hope they continue with it!!!

Hey Espo, I think we agree on something!
My daughter attended the Cheerleader Camp that morning and we were on the field throwing the ball around while there was a Flag Football tournament going on. It was a great atmosphere and a fun time unfortunately couldn't stay for the game but I'll agree it was a very good time.

I hope they do more of these in the future. Unfortunately I had to work, but I think its a great idea and would definitely attend one.