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You win some, you lose some[/b]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 CBC News

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A history of the funding of stadiums and arenas in North America with facts and figures.

Great article, Ron.

Thanks for sharing.

Historical facts. I've pointed out many of these facts for the last year and a half on here, actually longer since this crazy idea about replacing a concrete stadium (that will last another 40 plus years, including the South Stands) started gaining the "biggie size me" fan status among the "Mitchellism" types and the proverbial political "feather in my cap.... pay for it later....Pan Am)" thoughts of our Provincial Ministry.
I still strongly feel we are selling ourselves short on replacing the South Stands when we could be upgrading/renovating them with esthetic insight and using the rest of the "now" allocated funds to add so much more to we already have and will not have if we don't.
It looks like I will adding to the historical facts at some point about the decisions/lack of informed insight/gradiose dreams that add to our debt/ of the decision to demolish the South Stands and replace it with something relatively less.

So, what exactly do you want to see happen synthcat?