Stadium Funding alternatives

So I am wondering if there are alternatives to finding. I am sure there are many ideas. One that crossed my mind is something like a $1000 donation. Say you donate a grand, and in return they make a huge plaque or something with everyone's name who donated. Then smaller standalone ones for say 10g. Put them at the main entrance...there forever. I know that would not raise 100mil, but say you had 10 000 @ 1000 and 100@ 10 000, that is a nice start. Just a thought. Might be a little wacky.

I have no doubt that something like this was already in the work, but the reality is that it will raise very little. Even if you get 30,000 people signing on, that is only $30 million bucks. The administration, ads, etc. would likely eat up a million or two of that amount.

I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Consider what has been done in facilities like the Sky Dome in Toronto and invite in tenants who will provide funding to begin with and over the long-haul (which will help secure loans for any gap); hotels, restaurants and mini-malls have all found their homes within sports facilities recently. It would also lend credit to that "multi-purpose" language I understand the Sask. government is keen on using.

2)Look at every idea the city council in Hamilton has been interested...and do the opposite! :roll:

the idea of having a hotel and bars within the stadium is appealing.

I would stay there. I get a room anyways. So long as drink and rooms were not ridiculously over priced

LMAO at point

Get the Sask. Government to ccok the books for a year, and instead of giving Ottawa 800,000,000 next year in transfer/equalization payments give them 600,000,000 and keep a couple hundred mill for the stadium. :twisted:

I like your style

what potash?

sure the equalization route sounds good to me as well, to bad Brad dropped the court case.

btw, just for the record, no province writes a cheque handing over money to the equalization fund for other provinces, it comes out of the general revenue fund of the federal government. Most of their money from tax revenue. The biggest source of tax revenue for the feds are individuals and businesses in Ontario....