Stadium for the Schooners in Halifax

I use to do canvassing and do stuff for politicians. Now I can't be around them or talk to them. They physically make my skin crawl. I'd rather sit down with a homeless person in their tent.

Drummond said the pandemic and tough economic losses facing Nova Scotians means a high-profile project like a stadium could bring a lot of jobs, and be a boost to the province.
"We're more optimistic than we've ever been, probably on the stadium itself," Drummond said in a recent interview alongside Stapleton.

Drummond said the organization would need at least a year to get their football operations up and running. That would include getting scouts, coaches and management in place and working out the details of a draft.

If all goes well, Drummond said the Schooners could hit the field in 2022 in Moncton, where there is a stadium in place. The plan is to relocate the Schooners once a stadium is built in Halifax.

The group wants all three levels of government to pitch in.

Stapleton said regardless of someone's opinion about football, most would likely be happy to see 1,400 construction-related jobs to build the stadium, and $100 million in yearly economic impact around hotels, food and beverage industries, and other events hosted at the facility.


The article mentions another name, Jim Stapleton. Is this a new person in SSE? Is Bowser still involved?

LeBlanc is being more behind the scenes since taking the job with the Sens...and that's a good thing

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The headline doesn't match the actual story as usual for this site

The project is not 'discontinued', it's on pause due to the pandemic which is has been for the past 10 months.

The vote was done because they need to work on the city's budget and stadium planning will not be happening at this time anyways.

To kill the project, council will have to have a super majority vote to rescind what was approved last December. Until then it's on the back burner until the pandemic is over


Really? Economy is tanking, people don't want to work when the gov't pays them to stay home and people are still hungry tomorrow. Our government....never mind.

A pause? the backburner? It's dead- discontinuded

there is no public money available.
The federal government is in a huge deficit and the debt has grown ten fold. The provincial government is in worse shape, the debt is 40% of GDP. Where would the province or HRM get the funding from?
Halifax opened a $500 MILLION world class convention centre 2 years ago. It was combined with retail and office space. Revenue would have been generated from the retail/office space and the dozens of world class conventions coming to Halifax. Not only did they not sell office/retail space but the pandemic has shut down conventions, zero revenue coming in and the debt growing.
People can talk about the economic impact of a Grey Cup but just 4 or 5 large conventions could've been huge for the Nova Scotia economy. The conventions centre is running at a huge loss that the HRM and the province must pay back. It's not a question of waiting for the pandemic to be over and everything financially is back to normal and somehow there is public money out there to spend on CFL stadiums.

If the CFL group can come up with private financing, I'm sure everyone would be on board and they would draw pretty good crowds. But if anyone is expecting public money for a stadium it's going to be a long long wait.

Did you watch the video in the article? That's exactly what they said - a pause. Same as the first sentence in the article.

The city has conditionally set 20 million aside for the stadium. That seems to me like public money is available, regardless on what happened with past projects or what the local economy has been doing.

One of the conditions is the money is to be used upon completion. Since building it is not happening in the near future they need to move it from their annual budget to a different year which is TBA right now. The amount is still there to be used.

That’s the spirit

Good old Canadian “we can’t do that”.

Glad to see nothing ever changes here


The money still there? it states the "government resources have been redirected towards the coronavirus pandemic" - in other words the money set aside is gone. There is no way that they can go to the banks now with the huge debt at 40% of GDP and ask for a loan to build a CFL stadium.

Drummond needs to get investors on board because taxpayers are not going to fund it. Why do we need government (taxpayers) ??

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That's not how it works.

In December 2019 the city council conditionally approved the 20 million towards the stadium which is the ordinance. To cancel that ordinance, council would have to rescind the vote which requires a super majority. If they do that, the 20 million would no longer be available.

'Redirecting' towards the pandemic means they can spend funds towards that but the 20 million is 'redirected' to another time when they can restart the project.

Even if the $20 MILLION was still available, Drummond and the group needs to raise the other $120 MILLION to $150 MILLION. That $20 MILLION was for the land and prep, not for the stadium construction, and it was to be paid to the group AFTER construction. The construction cost of $120M or $150M was estimated about 2 or 3 years ago, who know what it would be today.

If Drummond can come up with the financing then fine but don't expect public money for the construction.

Yes, the rest of the funding plan is contingent on a mix of private and provincial. If the other parties can't come up with the financing then the stadium doesn't happen and the city doesn't spend the 20 million.

There's no risk to the city at this time hence there's no benefit to cancel the plan either.

Wouldn't it be great if Drummond and his group came in and said we have found private financing for the stadium.
No need to rely on taxpayers no criticism from non football fans that think the money should be spent somewhere else.

Instead of worrying about adding a 10th team (2 divisions of 5 teams each) why not switch to a 3 division format? The only issue then becomes splitting Hamilton / Toronto
Should Toronto or Hamilton go central?

West = BC / Edmonton / Calgary
East = Ottawa / Montreal / Toronto (?)
Central = Winnipeg / Saskatchewan / Hamilton (?)

3 div winners + 3 wild cards make playoffs

Drummond should ask the Irving Family if they want to be a partner in the ownership group. They would have more than enough money to fund a stadium.

I'm sure they've shopped around for investors. Irvings only invest in sure things and they are only worth $7.8 billion

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They ( Irvings or Mccains etc. ) probably want nothing to with ongoing costs but they are probably good with a multi use facility owned by the province or city that is intended for community use with a CFL team and CPL team as well as amateur teams like St Marys , rugby etc ..... With a lump sum donation .

If they are given some goodwill with some naming of a street or road to the stadium etc.... it could all work itself out .

Not sure why the CFL doesn't just assist with getting stadium infrastructure first and give these promising cities leverage with their contacts with government and private money to get the basic infrastructure in place for a basic stadium complex .

20 k stadiums with some required basics should not be so difficult .

The pro teams can fill in the extras later with more suites etc .... later to get the extra revenue with additions to the stadium .

Sure things like Saudi oil while overlooking their Human Rights violations against their own citizens