Stadium for the Schooners in Halifax

I have come to the conclusion that Moncton should get a CFL franchise over Halifax. Moncton has a stadium, a small one, but's it recent and can be upgraded for more attendance.

Halifax is just not interested in football. They are too worried about the cost of a stadium. Halifax doesn't realize the benefit of a stadium and a sports team can do for civic pride.

The league should recommend that SSE move their target from Halifax to Moncton. There is a new Premier in New Brunswic, maybe someone more receptive to a new pro sports franchise. Moncton can be fast-tracked into the league by 2022. Upgrade the Stadium on the fly, hire the management team, have an expansion draft, create a balanced schedule and it's good to go.

Ambrosie should move heaven and earth to get that 10th team no matter what. He'd have the 10th CFL team no other CFL Commissioner has done before. The naysayers/BOGs could fire him, but he could always say he brought in a 10th team to the CFL that Mark Cohen and Larry Smith couldn't do.

If this avenue is successful, you apply it to Monterrey, Mexico. It too is in the same situation as Moncton. It has a small. new venue. It's closer to Canada than Mexico City thus less travel.. The ratio would help them field a CFL roster. I'm sure that the Monterrey franchise can find
21 "nationals" to play 3 down football in all of Mexico.

Not quite all. Mosaic is designed to be roof ready. The cost is all that is preventing it. Throw another $300 million at it and it will have a roof.

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Once the CFL is back the Roughriders should put some money aside towards the cost of the roof.

Well Said. I could care less if there are 10 or 12 teams. An extra team would draw way less on the road, cutting into home revenue sales.
I say again and again. Fix the existing sagging franchises. This could take 5 to 10 years. If we go down to 8 teams this we do!! When the right time comes a big change will be required, maybe 4 new teams. Most would not be from Canada. Need to work with the NFL. I know there are rules and problems which can all be changed, We changed for the Virus.
We can change CFL for new generation of fans. Cheers

You're cheerful guy. LOL!

The CFL needs to expand for legitimacy and for a balanced schedule. The league has to go to ten teams, nit eight.

The CFL doesn't need to change for the NFL. The CFL has their territory while the US has theirs, but global markets are wide open. It's race to see who can make the breakthrough. I'm betting the CFL will be the first to have a team in Mexico, Britain and Germany before the NFL does because of the lower expansion fees and the ratio.

The NFL is too expensive and priced themselves out for new markets. The NFL won't allow the International cities play in their league other than a few token positions in kickers and special teamers

Thanks, Dave
First, get some glasses. In the past 2 years, I have never said or suggested being in the NFL. Under the umbrella of the NFL, the CFL would be a development league almost as it is today. Expansion to a few American cities. Just like the Junior hockey is to NHL. Partners.
Things have totally changed in the last 5 years. New progressive thinking needed. 5 CFL teams made money. 4 lost major money AGAIN.
Something is wrong here as anyone can see. Having a franchise in London or Mexico will not work today. CFL teams have a yearly budget of 5 million.
We may be down to 8 teams if one team was not carried by CFL last year. That could happen again next year with huge financial losses this year.
Ask the young people today. They want to change. We have to rethink what is actually the best path. Another anchor would be another blow. Dreaming is good as you do. Staying on the same old path will not work anymore.

Time for real thoughts and smart decisions that will bring new life to the league. Like your thinking but don't cry too much if others state their opinion. I am very happy but as most know we have a problem with a ever increasing sports market. But the truth at times hurts. Cheers.

I already wear glasses, but thanks for the concern. The NFL already has a development league with the NCAA College Football. The defunct AAF wanted a development deal with the NFL and the NFL refused their offer, thus why they folded

Canada is a vast country with limited markets. The most that they can expand in Canada is to twelve teams. The US won't allow the CFL in America because of the ratio. There doesn't seem to be any will by Halifax and Quebec City to have a CFL team within their city.

To gain new markets, it needs to expand into Europe. Britain and Germany's currency is worth more than the Loonie and they have soccer stadiums that can fit a CFL field. They are good to go,if you can find a willing European owner

To get to the youth, implement flag football programs at the high school levels for both boys and girls. Full contact Football was cancelled by the time I attended high school, but we played 3 down tag football during recesses and lunch breaks. I grew to love football. Youths today want a video football games and ignore footballs in the bargain bin at Walmart.

The truth can hurt, but it can also lead to salvation

Well said. Like your opinion. Okay, let's start a new comment posting in the new year to ask for thoughts on how to improve and bring back glory to CFL. Remember back 10/15 years ago CFL worked very closely with the NFL.
The first thing to realize is that the CFL is in trouble today. So very careful decisions are neat to be made. Expansion franchises need to add big value to other existing team so could be on hold for another 5 years.

The question we must answer first is" Why do many like the NFL??? I personally am asking this question. We need to follow this path sort of.

  1. Top-notch TV presentation with high-quality announcers and halftime/sideline commentators. Grabs your interest.

  2. Large excited crowds attending games. The perception that you should watch if not in attendance.

  3. Super good commercials and pregame or halftime show.

  4. High quality game sound and camera work

  5. Quality game sponsors that offer deals. Example Bud light beer specials at the game and IN YOUR LOCAL PUB. Many others

  6. Reasonably good rules and players to make the game exciting to watch.

  7. Marketing, marketing from a proffessional team with proven results. A commissionier that realizes and can impliment the above.
    Not an easy task for sure. But must start soon. Attendance is down for a reason. Very competitive market. Go big, get the experts in.
    Let's ask others for their plan of action. Listening is good

I would agree on all points except for point no 6.

Nothing wrong with the rules. The CFL should work on the presentation.

Thanks for getting back, nice to hear.
Point 6 is like NFL and CFL try to do each year. Accommodating smooth quick on-field calls to keep the flow of the game at its peak intensity.
Long continued play stops is a problem. Better presentation means more money for better players. Cheers

Halifax mayor Mike Savage wins a 3rd term

Was a yes vote on the tentative 20 million funding. His position I've felt is to keep it on the back burner until the pandemic is over.

A neutral result IMO. Definitely not a bad one.


Not the time for a city council to be pushing a stadium unless it falls under a post-Covid, Federal-Provincial economic recovery infrastructure program ... whether such a program would make sense federally or provincially is an entirely separate matter

Too late. Halifax waited too long to get a stadium done. SSE should turn their attention to Moncton instead

toronto and bc are already dealing with 10,000 to 15,000 fans and that isnt helping them any, why add another to the list?

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If Halifax can only get 10,000 to 15,000 fans, then I wouldn't add them to the list.

If, however, they can get 22,000-25,000 fans, I would add them.

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Well said. Thanks!! Another anchor not.

I'm certain if the stadium gets formally approved, the league will want a (real) season ticket drive for a certain amount and/or term before giving the green light for a team.


When the Quebec major Junior league first suggested placing a franchise in Halifax. Some pointed to American League saying Halifax would not support a team. Halifax led the Q in revenues and ticket sales for over a decade. Until it is tried it is all a WAG.

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