Stadium for the Schooners in Halifax

Unbalance in 9 team league is worst issue facing league after covid
Our wonderful federal govt is on track to borrow $384
billion this year with very little to show.
Regina built the best stadium in the league for $300mil, which is 0.000078%.
Cant we take that fraction and just build a new community stadium in Halifax, multi-use, infrastructure, jobs, help canadian institution etc etc etc?
Why is this so hard?

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Cause it’s Canada & it’s sports. (In that order)

I believe politicians are more afraid to receive backlash from the public if they try to help sports.

Otherwise the Halifax Schooners could have started back in the 1980s.

I think the model of financial assistance the Schooners group is asking for could pave the way for other cities to do the same. Funding for a 10-15,000 seat stadium that can be used by amateur sports could be palatable to government and taxpayers. And if potential CFL owners want to fund expansion to around 25,000 for CFL and other larger events that's on them, not taxpayers.

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It's the optics of funding stadiums in general that's a sticking point.

I'm not so sure. The optics of funding stadiums for pro teams is a sticking point, but funding stadiums for amateur sports is not so much. The city and province are/were on board with the Halifax model.

I imagine there's going to be even more government money for infrastructure coming in the years ahead. And if a proposed stadium can boast a "green" design, I think it would stand a decent chance of landing federal $$$.

Hope you are right on both points.

Without a stadium plan Halifax is a no go.

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Just people fed, jobs retained, economy not completely collapsed, etc.

More likely to have 8 teams in next few years. 9 works very well no need to make it 10 in Canada unless a smaller center comes up big time.
What does Halifax have special. Funding owners?? State of the art stadium built, 25,000 fans per game in winning or losing season, large corporate sponsorship??? OH! none. Creative think is now required by CFL. Last thing CFL needs is another headache with no money!!.

I believe the priority is to ensure a return to the field with the same amount of teams as the year before.

Exactly. We are blowing money in every direction on infrastructure, this is useful infrastructure. CFL is essentially amateur sport once you consider the money involved.
But we need an actual canadian prime minister who cares about canadian things. Harper would have gotten behind this

You're entitled to your opinion.
Covid didn't do anything to us, the government did it all

9 works very well? on what planet? Endless bye weeks extending the season needlessly.
We are now finally starting the season earlier, if we had a ten team league we could be done end of october or first week of november latest, no more -30C grey cup ridiculous garbage.

9 teams is a disaster

"Infrastructure". The maritimes does not have a single stadium large enough to allow for big concerts, not one, so all the big shows skip them. Why not spend 0.0001% of current generational collapsing borrowing to build a proper COMMUNITY stadium in Halifax that gives a regional stadium for all functions? State that it can be used for WE functions, bring in Maggie to sell it, i really don't care, in these times with all the money being wasted here is some solid we can fix

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The government killed over 9, 000 people? And why did they want people to social distance and, when necessary, quarantine? Truly curious.

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What about pairing up the 2 championships.

How would that work.

U Sports Football with a 5 game season?

I understand this is a CFL sight but should be about CANADIAN FOOTBALL overall.

Having the GREY CUP end a month before the Vanier does nothing to grow the sport in Canada at all.

Unless the narrative is about just the pros.

Reality is no matter what schedule is chosen the CFL will always compete against one of the BIG 4 Leagues as they overlap.

Can you imagine all of Canadian based teams in the NHL and NBA are challenging for the title .

In a gate driven league the schedule that we have is etched in tradition.

Have to change the mindset of the business.

I for one could never support an earlier CFL start.

Didn't the Grey Cup sell out in Calgary last November 24th?

The last Sunday of November is fine as far as the league is concerned.

Besides the attendance at the games goes up after Labour Day.

Unfortunately when the new stadiums were built there was no consideration of designing them as domed stadiums.

At least Vancouver addressed theirs needs by building the dome.

Then 8 teams would work better with your logic. 9 works today with no expansion planned. It has work for the past 35 years, so why not now??
I like to see 3 expansion teams IF Possible but its not going to happen.
Halifax offers the existing CFL nothing except a losing proposition.

Time to throw in my 2 cents for what it's worth. A few points.

  • No government is going to support doing this. Can you imagine what the people in Alberta would say if the Liberals gave money to Eastern Canada for something like this. The Conservatives sure wouldn't, not when their support is in the west. So forget politicians helping out.

*Why Halifax? It's about as far away as you can go for any game from the rest of the Maritimes. Wouldn't Moncton be much more central for everyone? Sorry NflaL, Maybe they could play a game or 2 on the rock sometime.
*Why a 1/2 billion dollar 40,000 seat stadium? After the Olympics the Lions used what had to be a $100,000 stadium that was just fine. Start small and expand as demand justifies it. The fans won't mind. We don't need palaces to watch a football game in, just enough cans. Hint hint Win. and Sask.

Is all this because the NFL can do everything with no thought to the dollar signs so we have to do this ourselves? I don't like the states very much any more so why should we emulate them and think we're are inferior. The CFL is the best football game, we know it, I just don't think we have to be that MAJOR league.


with the future of the league very much in doubt, they might not want to build a stadium for now.

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