stadium expantion

hello my spelling suck but hey I try. Now with stadiums in this league I want new ones to. Want to know how to get one? Fill the one you have let the city powers see that what you have isn't good enough for the amount of people that go there.I live 500 miles from bc place I whent there twice last season and you know I didn't notice the stadiums bad points line ups to long to get a hot dog don't buy one there eat befor you go. But go if the owners of the stadiums see lots of people at the game but not alote of people eating makes them think. why can't we have a thread about season ticket count bc doing good ticats say they should hit last years numbers which is awsome they raised the price and they have had some bad years. lets talk about the positives makes me want to go to a game how about you?

I'd be curious as to what all of the team's season ticket counts are as of right now. Anyone know where the Lions stand? I think we had 23,000 season ticket holders last season. Anyone know if we've gone up or down? I have my 2 seats secured...

last year the blue and were around 17,000 not sure bout this year

Including my tix? The Riders have at least 2 season tickets sold . . . but I think it MAY be a bit more than that.

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Als are around 15 500 each year.