Stadium Etiquette

Just wanted to bring up a 'beef' I have with some fans at TD place during REDBLACKS games. Specifically, fans that stand in the aisles when there is a play in progress. We are season ticket holders and prefer seats near the aisle. However, there are several plays each game that we miss because people are leisurely climbing the stairs back or forth to their seats, or standing and talking with fellow fans.
I thought that the 'ushers' at the entrance portals were supposed to briefly stop fans from heading back to this seats when a play was about to be run. In practice though, this doesn't seem to be happening.
I suspect (hope) that many fans aren't even aware of this 'stadium etiquette', as there are a lot of 'new' football fans in the stadium (which is great!).
I have noted this several times in post game TD Place surveys concerning the fan experience, but there didn't seem to be any changes made.
Anyway, I attended the Grey Cup viewing party at the arena, and immediately noticed prominent signs posted at each entrance portal to the rink, essentially asking fans to be considerate of other fans, and wait until the play stops before returning to your seat.
Simple, easy solution to an ongoing irritant for many football fans at TD Place. I strongly encourage TD Place management to install similar signs at the entrance portals at TD Place Stadium.
Does anyone have anything to add?

I have talked to my season ticket rep. about the same issue. Hopefully something will be done this season. Very frustrating to try to watch the game, when some people wait until the play starts to get up to get something.

I've also answer or talked about that with sales rep as well as the online game day experience survey with no results.

I would say the signs would work BUT will anyone actually get to see them? we sit in lower bowl and the standers are right up against the last row seats where the signs would be affixed and would still go un-noticed :frowning:

I find at hockey games there isn’t as much of a problem . People are more educated in hockey or they read signs . They have the signs for all 67 games and were also there for the grey cup viewing .

I think your getting non football people doing this . They don’t know to leave the seat during commercial break or game stoppage . They don’t understand the game or the rules . Maybe a public announcement before the game on the big screen and a few signs may help . I don’t like to get upset at people who are newbies .

What’s really funny is people who walk thru the wooden slats trying to find the entrance on the south side . Hey if you wanna go for free to the game just walk in on the south side lol . I have seen it happen a few times ( they did have tickets ) they didn’t know where to go and asked me after walking thru slats . It was strange and funny . They should fix the problem at some point .

I noticed the same problem in Hamilton too, I went to three games there last season. People that return to their seats and have to walk in front of you back to their seats when the play is on. I wish that the ushers could tell people to only return to their seats when the play is stopped.

At the 67's play off game recently and they spent time before puck drop going over when should fans move about during stoppages during the game . It was effective .

The correct response to this sir, is to boisterously proclaim that their lack of etiquette has limited your ability to view the goings on of the contest you are attending.

In other words, really really really loudly use the phrase "down in front!"

I personally enjoy a healthy dash of the nouns "barbarian" and "heathen"

If you prefer a more mild approach, and would like to elicit a laugh from your section fellows, then phrase the breach of civilized manners and conduct as a question: "Have you no couth, sir? I cannot glean any enjoyment from this contest with your milling about in the isles!"

You're at an even with 25k people, and some lack awareness as you've stated. The great thing, is the even also involves cheering and shouting so have at it.