Stadium Envy

I admit it , I have stadium envy. I have been to BMO and the sight lines are great and there is plenty of leg room.

But after watching the game a New Mosaic, I have total and complete stadium envy... I would love a stadium like that in Toronto. Not one built from a Soccer stadium but a real football stadium

Anyone else have envy?


I felt this way after visiting IGF as it Craps over all the eastern stadiums.

I know what you mean. But then I think back to the days of Ivor Wynne, and I'm happy for what we've got now.

I think 8 other cities have the envy right about now. As about as perfect of a CFL stadium as you can get.

I think this happens after every new venue opens up in every sport.

Hence Calgary's owners are constantly bringing up New Mosiac and IGF when wanting a new place for the Stamps. Similar for Flames, they bring up the new buildings in Edmonton (and Quebec City). If new buildings happen, everywhere else gets 'older'.

Saying that, I'm happy with BMO

I enjoy THF and I am not the envious type. :slight_smile:

The timing was right for the Riders to get the new Stadium started, at any other time later it never would have happened the way it did.

Interesting read here.

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[i]The window of opportunity, after all, proved to be very small. A funding deal for a new stadium was struck in 2012, five years before the pigskin palace officially opened.

By the time the Roughriders first played a game in the new stadium, the City of Regina and Province of Saskatchewan were dealing with situations where money was considerably tighter.

Given today’s economic climate, it would be virtually impossible for civic and/or provincial officials to make a case for funding a stadium.

In 2007, by contrast, the economy was booming. By 2012, the conditions were still conducive to conceptualizing and building a new sporting facility.

“When I look at the market today, am I ever glad we got it done in 2012, because I’m not too sure that the conditions would allow us to do one today,? former Roughriders chairman of the board Roger Brandvold told me a few weeks ago.

“This was a very small window of opportunity here in Saskatchewan,? Regina mayor Michael Fougere added. “We all had to be aligned at the right time to make it happen. If you don’t seize it, it’s gone forever … and we did it.?[/i]

The CFL is stadium blessed. We went from a time when people feared all our stadiums would collapse, to today, when only Calgary is a worry.

It truly Is a sight To behold. Feels like a smaller NFL style stadium that I saw in New Jersey, I'm so glad I was at the first game.


Was at the first game, its a great stadium, was really impressed, and if the Peg had it loud in there new barn, me thinks this place will be even louder. Volume was way up from old stadium. wind is way down... yah really enjoyed the game, had arm room and leg room!!

What there are 3 worst stadiums in league then Calgary. Your reading to much crappy media stories.
Of course the flames own both team and would like great palaces to increase profit for owners at tax payers expenses. Really!!

What 3 stadiums would those be? Montreal, and.....

BMO, with a 27,000 capacity, is already waaaaay too big for the Toronto football culture. 10,000 people will look even worse in a 33,000 seater.

We go to THF, TD Place and BMO on a regular basis all great sight lines. BMO has more of the rigid plastic seats that don't fold up but there is a lot of leg room and a great place to watch a game. BMO has the roof over the fans which is a big advantage not just to keep fans dry and shaded but also it keeps the crowd noise in, too bad they can't draw a crowd.
At TD and THF, the fans like to gather on the concourses and that seems to be the popular thing right now.
I don't think any Ottawa fan would be envious of another stadium, TD Place has everything going for it. The concourse on one side where fans love to stand around, the walkways behind the end zones, the covered north side if you want to just sit and stay dry, plus the restaurants and bars in the stadium precinct.

I'm not sure envy is the word, but do I wish we could have a stadium of that quality in Hamilton? Yea I guess I'd be crazy if I said I didn't.

But with that said, I really love THF for all it's faults, just the same as IWS. The story of THF is so Hamilton it hurts your soul, but I guess living through all the drama and deadlines has created a weird special connection for me with the stadium.

New Mosaic is simply amazing though, it's an absolute jewel for the league and while I never got out to the old one, I will not allow myself to die before attending a game at the new one. For all the hate Rider fans get around the league, truly makes me happy to see their fans rewarded for their insane dedication to the franchise.

Obviously a city like Hamilton can't compete with an entire province like Saskatchewan or Manitoba but despite the real debacle of the stadium issue on so many fronts in Hamilton, a new stadium got built that is really a huge upgrade to old IWS, that's for sure.

I think the beautiful new stadium in Regina, along with the refurbished BC Place and Commonwealth in Edmonton, and the newer ones in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa make the CFL stronger. No envy here. Just pleased. Been an amazing 5 years.

Most definitely. Same with the Oiler's arena really, and is why Calgary is having a battle getting there.

I just love that all the teams (Calgary's will come) are in new or revamped digs. BC obviously put big bucks into BC place, and Edmonton is good about often doing projects there.

As far as new Mosaic goes, there is only one real "complaint" about design from me...the fabric perhaps should have been a metal or rigid plastic. I say this because it would echo the sound down a lot more. When that is your complaint, you have to like the overall build a fair bit. The stadium itself is great, but when I got my first chance to spend time in the team facilities and actually try some of them out, it is pretty amazing. Never thought I would see something like that in the CFL. I think that for game day experience the Bombers and the Riders have stadiums neck to neck, and the edge might go to the Bombers....tough call. Bombers seats don't run as deep so you get a little closer the the field...the tradeoff is a bit of space in the concourse. Bombers roof retains sound better....Rider's TV screen is pretty amazing to tune into. Tough call IMO...the Rider stadium's team facilities are what set it apart...but for actual viewing and game day experience...that matters little to fans. I just hope that some of the construction issues in the Peg can be managed....that is a damned shame.

The one really neat thing in Regina is the new is huge and held 10000 people in it last week...crazy