Stadium Envy

Who else has stadium Envy over Investors Group Field?

As and Argos fan, I have it. That stadium would be perfect downtown Toronto

While I am pleased Hamilton is getting a new stadium, it pales in comparison to the Peg's IGF, specifically in terms of architecture, aesthetics, parking and location.

at the same time, beggars can't be choosers, and we should be happy for any and all scraps we can muster.

however, I am not immune to stadium envy. :x

Ditto for me, like I have said here many times the Peg stadium should be a blueprint for every new CFL stadium.
Not the crap we have here in Toronto, don't get me going how the dome is absolutely the worst place to watch a football game.

But you have a great stadium in downtown Toronto. You can close the roof when it's raining or cold, it's on a subway, train, tram, bus route. Within walking distance to all major hotels, within walking distance to an airport!
You guys don't like it because you can only attract 20,000 paying fans on a regular basis. Rogers Centre would be great with 40,000 plus in the stands. But you guys are always trying to blame the stadium for your problems and the stadium isn't the problem.

I agree I think if the Argos show how competitive they are they could have a couple lower bowl sell outs this year, but I also agree that a change is needed but it is not going to happen, BMO filed is not going anyware ( soccer only) the only thing I could think of, is Varsity stadium, refurbish it add some more seats, like Montreal did, and go from there, use Rodgers centre as a playoff and grey cup venue.

No doubt their will be problems with the new stadium , but will get sorted out. I know HTFC and TC 23, like to post every negative thing they can get their hands on. But just means they win the most 'envious " award. As for the traffic issues, people just need to realize this is a event and needs to be treated as such. I was in KC for a game, people are there 5 or 6 hours before game. Tailgate and have a great day. People figured they will leave a hour before game time and just find a parking spot. Trust me, Winnipeggers , look for free parking :smiley: There will be a adjustment period, at the end of the day we have a awesome facility that is the best stadium in the CFL.

Sorry, the dome is in a bad place to get to by driving and then parking.
Who said anyway that all stadiums should be downtown?
On top of which the actual facility is horrid for any sporting event, even though I could care less for the Crap Jays and their ownership.

Yes,because Jays fans love the dome, please, watching any sporting event at the Dome is NOT a great experience. Jays fans cry about the Dome just as much, but you like to leave that out

I am very impressed with Investors field, except that it looks like they squeezed a cfl field into an nfl stadium.

I read somewhere that Investers Field has an NFL atmosphere to it.

That's a good thing, Cause in a couple months it's probably going to have more of a CIS feel to it, after watching that team a few times. :lol:

As a Rider fan , I give you credit for choosing the right thread to post under. ENVY ! Good Job, just get that counting perfected and skies the limit ! :smiley:

.....You won't be watching the Bisons....most likely the real team will show up sometime in 2013, that being the Winnipeg Blue Bombers...a storied franchise with now what appears to be a suitable home :wink: :thup:

note.....(not a knock against the Bisons...I hope football fans take them in as well in this tremendous venue)... :thup: :rockin:

I haven't seen the new stadium in Winnipeg, nor have I seen the (yet unbuilt) stadium here in Hamilton. I've seen sketches of what it's supposed to look like, but can't draw from that the experience of actually being there.

After I've seen Investor's Field, at least on television, I may be envious of it. I choose to wait until I see our own before I start dissing it. But let's face it, we're all envious of B.C.'s new stadium, aren't we?


Engineering marval right down town. And $5 to park.

I think groups will look at Winnipeg if they just want to build a great stadium but you will have them look at Ottawa as model if they want a whole complex.

I think Ottawa had no choice but to add the complex or otherwise they would not have gotten the stadium ? Give me a jewel of a stadium before a patched up one, with nice trees and stores around it.

Winnipeg has definitely hit a homerun ok touchdown with this marvel.

The only way to know for sure is to come and see it for yourself and I hope many of you do.