Stadium district gets a shot in the arm

Great you can cash a cheque,buy a mattress,get a donut and a supervised injection.great location choice.the grey cup revellers won't need to go downtown

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Don't forget the new KFC. I'm gonna get my winter tires installed during the game.

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Wow! Just look for the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube guys fighting over who gets the first injection! They're coming to a town near you!!!

I'm just glad the out of town fans staying downtown can enjoy the precinct before and after the game. Would be a shame if they had to spend pre and post game on James Street or Hess village. I'm sure those bars and restaurants are much happier not having all those paying customers.

You couldn't have all those people downtown.think of the traffic and mayor herman turkstra likes it quiet

Classic Family Guy. Yeah!

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I've been told that you are entitled to comment on this issue of a safe injection site on this site, but I find the above comments somewhat insensitive and, in my view, smacks of typical NIMBY thinking.

The AIDS Network of Hamilton, Halton, Haldiman, Norfolk and Brant ( is an amazing charitable and volunteer organization who are doing lots of work to help people who fall through the cracks in our city. The location of the site is planned for the West side of the Barton-Sherman intersection, a location that they felt was needed to support Hamiltonians addicted to opioids.

I find it disingenuous to try to suggest that the proposed location of this site (about a kilometer away) could impact those attending THF, especially during Grey Cup week.

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Why do the people who decry NIMBY ism never volunteer their own streets and neighbourhoods ?


I dunno. Why?

Yeah, it's a real mystery alright.

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KFC does tires now ? The ad campaign could read like my father in-law 's "Bob's Ploughing and Boutique" . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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While your waiting you can run across the street and cash a cheque so you can pay for those tires . :money_with_wings: :oncoming_automobile:

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Tim Hortons field has been good for Hamilton

Maybe Halifax should be looking :eyes: at this


Great to see Hamilton FINALLY getting its due. New stadium definitely is the catalyst for all these events.

Can you imagine it if the ticats didn't block the West Harbour location?

Imagine all these huge events taking place with a redeveloped harbour as the backdrop on national TV.

Probably would have included a new world class convention centre which would have been a huge part of Grey Cup week and right beside the stadium. New hotels, bar/restaurant district, amphitheater and who knows what else.

It's a shame the ticats couldn't see past parking.

Always looking on the bright side :roll_eyes:

Just a comment on the topic. The insinuation is that having a new injection clinic near the stadium won't be the greatest look come Grey Cup, Canada vs. USA and th Heritage classic.

I'm pointing out what could have been, hopefully the ticats have the same regrets and we'll get the next stadium (decades from now) right.

Wait…there was a debate as to where THF would be located? Thanks for the heads up

Hard to believe. It was only about a million posts long. :crazy_face:

It is what it is. People need to get over it.

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Omg hilarious!!! Have you ever considered standup???

Sure, stadium was talked about a lot 7 years ago, but I'd think commenting on thread about it all these years later when it hasn't been discussed in a while would be alright.

Have you been paying attention to the non-stop Masoli threads and discussion? But this, this one little comment is what you take issue with. Lmao

I was waiting for the other shoe to fall . You know , that LRT thing , followed by the stolen civic election . Perhaps it would be topped off with a snappy red baseball cap .

Pat Lynch (only in Hamilton you say?)

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