Stadium Design

I'm hoping that those initial rendering were just teasers because they were god awful ugly. I'd like to see some modern sleek designs.

Too bad its a track and field stadium. Every design is bad with the track

I'd like something that gives nod to the classic.
Probably need to look at U.S College parks -- those soccer stadiums have boatloads of endzone seats that change the configuration too much.

Talk over the past 24 hours is letting Toronto have the track and field events at the U of T or another place that is getting a new track and field facility and letting Hamilton host the soccer.

And I'm hoping this ends up being the case, it sounds like a win-win to me.

That would seriously rock! Then we get a Soccer / Football stadium and not an all-purpose stadium that's good for everything but great at nothing.

That would be great, I know I'd pay to see a Canadian team compete at the Pan Ams, and more so even if Bob didn't make it happen, a pro soccer team would be great as well. Here is just something I've been playing around with in ms paint if anyone wants to take a gander.

[url=] ... erClub.jpg[/url]

I took some elements the flag of Hamilton & Coat of Arms (specifically the stags, chains and Cinquefoil) and put in on edited shield from Real Salt Lake. Obviously, it's not professionally done (given I used paint) and would need some redesigning but I think having a team, whose logo is the other half of our city's coat of arms would be kinda cool.

Only makes sense for Hamilton to host soccer because Burlington is hosting some of the soccer games

This being said, without the track, we would then be able to reduce the overall perimeter of the stadium and have it
similar to IWS. This would bring the fans closer to field level as they are now. Sending the track to U of T is a great idea.

Hammer: I must say that I love your design! If accepted, perhaps the team name could be the Hamilton Stags.

Nice work!

Thanks, that's what I was thinking as well, I tried to see if I could find a stag head facing dead on, or a standing stag looking towards the viewer but I instead settled on two looking at each other.

The Univ. of Toronto is big into track anyways, didn't they host a Usain Bolt competition a year or so ago? It has a large enough population in Toronto that more fringe type sports like track and field, fringe as a spectator sport that is, might well be better attended than here in Hamilton.

And yes, kudos on the design Hammer. :thup:

Crap, I just realized I screwed up the logo, the chain should have six links not five. Whoops...

Here we go, I updated it, and changed S.C. to Stags

In today's spec

Hey DavidC, if you're interested in what others think about that article, we're already discussing it here:


I can see why you wouldn't like what you see here:

The seats are further from the field than we'd like it to be. And that screen in the end zone looks much smaller than the TigerVision, so that may not be the more accurate depiction of what the new stadium will look like anyway.

Much has been said about how a track around the field would make it so that the seats would be too far from the field. But is it not true that Percival Molson Stadium has a track? And that the seats there are close enough to the field?

Still, I would like the stadium to be a more modernized version of IWS.

And there is a limited budget to work with. And it needs to be designed so that it'll originally be designed to have a seating capacity of about 15,000, be expanded to about 25,000, and then have enough room for at least 10,000 temporary seats for hosting Grey Cup games. Those are all things that need to be considered.

The track at Molson Stadium only has 4 lanes, so that shaves about 5 metres off of each side.

I don't think it is even that anymore...

The track at Percival Molson Stadium is a recreational track and isn't up to any competitive standard.

The stands at Molson Stadium are probably closer to the field than some non-track stadiums like Rogers Centre, BC Place and McMahon Stadium.

Can't see there is any chance of us getting anything other than track to be quite honest with you

Stadium designs???? it's just a drawing .. kinda like just an idea ....

Hamilton cannot even get a location picked out properly ... i doubt they even agreed on someone to design and build the darn thing yet...

Yet that will be another thread full of pessimists listing all the reasons why the one they chose was bad