Stadium design idea

I hate to take away from the "Stadium talks thread," but I would like to hear what people think of this concept made up for the proposed Sask stadium.
I think its a fantastic idea with the retractable roof!!!

[url=] ... sign19.png[/url]

Would be nice but it won't happen. We will not have endzones. 154 mil doesn't get much these days and with our city council its impossible to get anything done in this city :thdn:

It’s great for year round use, but I prefer my football in an open air environment. Even with the roof open, Skydome still has a bit of a closed feeling to it.

Remember this?[1].jpg

Yes and with Copps here I don't think a roof is justified to bring in more events as Copps fits the bill for concerts in the winter and that.

A bubble over it in the winter for soccer etc. would be good though.