Stadium debate begins...

Around 85-110 Million
50 Million is a Bargain to Fix and Update IWS

I love the location and history of Ivor Wynne, but time marches on. Lots of pro football teams have built new stadiums to replace old ones that are loved but outdated. I say Bob Young's crew should push hard for a new facility to be built near the waterfront, in any brownfield location that would offer lots of free parking around the stadium, and access to a bus route. That location would continue the impressive development already taking place down there.

what would be the cost of tearing down the south stands and building a new south stand with an upper deck and leave the north stands alone

Interesting idea. Expand into Brian Timmins as I have always thought that Brian Timmins area could be made into multi-level parking.

Multi use stadium??? What good would that be here. Highschool track? Don't need all the seats for that. Concerts? We have Copps and Hamilton Place. This is Hamilton we don't need more seats for concerts. Commonwealth games?? Tried twice. Wasted money. Plus that would put a track around the football field. Sucks. Soccer??? We have Brian Timmins to seat our 200 soccer fans.
So lets all forget multi use. Don't need it. Lets renovate when needed and forget about it.
There is now way they can replace Ivor Wynne.

"Around 85-110 Million
50 Million is a Bargain to Fix and Update IWS"

50 million to upgrade, yet 85-110 million for a new stadium? LOL Times that by 3 or 4 when all said and done.

I'm pretty pessimistic about the chances of even basic renos being made to IWS. I can't see the City spending $50 million on a pro football team's playpen. Also, for a variety of reasons (money, lack of vision, lack of corporate/gov't leadership, proximity to Toronto and Niagara Falls, lack of an "event" like the Commonwealth Games to justify a new facility, no sense of real urgency, etc), I think that there is absolutely no chance of a new stadium being built.

Personally, I like IWS so I'd like to see it renovated top to bottom. Unfortunately, my guess is that the City will keep IWS going on a shoestring budget ensuring that it meets minimum code requirements and such. And nothing more.

An Argo-Cat fan

I still love Civic Stadium (aka Ivor Wynne) :wink: . The talk of rebuilding/major renovation has gone on probably before many of you were born. I left the hammer for NZ over twenty years ago and even then the discussion was hot. I visited five years ago and took in a game. As nostalgic and memory filled as it was, time moves on. It's on the respirator and everyone knows it;the plug needs pulling. A corpse in a nice suit, is still a corpse.

But of course, no one wants to blink for fear of having to pay for the funeral. It is a great place to play and watch, I played HS and Junior ball there in the 70's and it was tired then (I was right in front the goal posts when Sunter kicked the winner in '72).

When they can tear down all of the iconic sports cathedrals in the NHL, NFL, and MLB, the time has surely come. I think all the eggs were put in the Commonwealth Games basket and got nothing but egg on their faces in return. Best o luck, I'd like a new stadium to sit in when I vist again and take my kids.

A lifelong 'Cat Fan (Best 'O Luck) :thup:

"When they can tear down all of the iconic sports cathedrals in the NHL, NFL, and MLB, the time has surely come."
Pretty hard to expand an NHL arena. Have you even been to the ACC or the Molson Centre? Its not the same thing as the Gardens or the Forum. New NFL stadiums? Been there, done that with binoculars in hand. Quite foregetable. Moved away from the Cats 20 years ago? Me thinks the next time you get here you might want to check out the Hamilton Hornet rugby team. A litte more up your alley nowadays.

Going back to the original post on this thread, I'll break it down as I see it.

  1. Ivor Wynne must be renovated. WHO'S GOING TO PAY??? The City doesn't have that money. How about Bob Young? Nope.

  2. Forced to look at building a new facility. WHO'S GOING TO PAY??? The City can barely balance its budget as it is, it doesn't have the money. Building stadiums doesn't win votes for the feds or the province, so why would they care. Bob Young can't do it because if he did he'd never make a profit off this team. Private sector money might happen, but that would probably come in the form of naming rights to the new stadium. "Dofasco Park" anyone?

  3. All levels of government. Again, why would they build a stadium, and please spare me the 'cultural significance' arguments cuz governments don't think that way. They think in terms of dollars and cents. What do they stand to gain from building a new facility?

  4. Multi-use facility. Do we really need a track? How often would it be used? Once for a major event MAYBE, assuming we could get something like the Commonwealth Games to come here. Otherwise you're basically moving all the high school competitions away from Mac's track to this one at the new stadium. A big waste of money and it kills the great sightlines that we currently have.

Concerts? What concerts? It's not like Copps and Hamilton Place are jam packed with concert dates. And the concert dates they've been getting recently are mid-week. Not because the weekends are booked, but because Hamilton is kind of a stepping stone before a bigger concert in Toronto or Buffalo on weekends. Hamilton doesn't get prime concert dates so would this new place sell out for Tuesday and Wednesday concerts?

Plus, Ivor Wynne could host concerts, but when was the last time that happened?

We Could no it for 85 to 110 Millon
UCF Stadiun was Built for 55 Millon US

UCF Brighthouse Stadium:Capacity: 42,000

Cost: $54M US

More info Here ... 205.column

But I rather Fix IWS for 50 Millon

"UCF Brighthouse Stadium:Capacity: 42,000

Cost: $54M US"

the most recent cost estimations of Brighthouse Stadium run as high as $55 million.[2] Most of the seats are of the metal bleacher variety, causing some to criticize its spartan looks and no-frills construction in the era of nine-figure sporting venues.
Fact, Canadian cost would be much much higher. And this stadium is for a college football team. Show me where the corporate or press boxes are. Here's a pic.
the most recent cost estimations run as high as $55 million.[2] Most of the seats are of the metal bleacher variety, causing some to criticize its spartan looks and no-frills construction in the era of nine-figure sporting venues.

Is that Hamilton Mountain in the background? It’s bigger than I remember; over compensating perhaps (just kiddin’ :slight_smile: ) I like it! :thup:

Its an escarpment dangnabbit!! lol

Hey Synthcat, I played for the Hornets! (and have played rugby all over the world, and I was at the All Black vs. Canada game here this year in NZ, it was an effort that the Kiwi fans were impressed by.

Also it was five years ago the last time I was there, it was awesome, but a nostalgic one-off visit by me may have clouded my vision (or was that Dofasco perfume).

So what alley are you talkin' about, not a deadend one I hope.

Love my 'Cats

What alley? ?
Not sure I want you watching my back in a dark alley. you might start into a rendition of an Air Supply song. lol Oh wait they're from Australia.

Synthcat, calm down. I was born at St. Joes, and I would cover you back even if you love Air Supply, or are you a Celine fan. :slight_smile:

'Cat by 10 over the 'Peg:thup:

Hate to see the old place torn down, but if they do build a new playground PLEASE dont paint it S--- Brown :twisted:

A perfect storm for new stadium?

The elephant known as the stadium issue is not only in the room, its trunk is tapping city leaders on the shoulder.

Hamilton faces a decision in the next two or three years — either revamp aging Ivor Wynne Stadium for up to $40 million or find a spot for and finance a brand new home for the Tiger-Cats.

That bill? Up to $200 million.

Tiger-Cat president Scott Mitchell was clearly pushing for the latter with a Mayor’s Luncheon address yesterday centred on “the vision for Hamilton and its future through technology, downtown revitalization and sports infrastructure.?

He told a group of city staff and business people that it was a kind of “perfect storm,? the challenge of the stadium issue also presenting an opportunity if Hamilton wants to position itself as a sport centre for Eastern Canada.

Mitchell pointed out Tiger-Cat owner Bob Young has set a tone for Hamilton by establishing the football club’s offices and two other businesses, Lulu Inc. and MRX Associates, downtown.

Lulu is a growing self-publishing company and MRX is in the promotional and event marketing field.

Mitchell painted a picture of a new stadium that could incorporate halls of fame like the Canadian Football hall and homeless Canadian Sports hall as well as head offices for national teams.

The Ticat president said 8,000 to 10,000 people in Toronto are employed in sports-related jobs, and some national sports organizations are finding office space too expensive there.

He added that sports centres twin nicely with the emphasis on health and fitness at McMaster University.

The equation of stadium, national sports offices and improved recreational facilities could be accelerated if Hamilton gets back in the Games-bidding business, successfully this time with the Pan-Am Games.

Mitchell reminded his audience that Manchester, England, used the 2002Commonwealth Games to revitalize a city demoralized by the loss of traditional industries.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger said after Mitchell’s speech that the city has to move soon to study the stadium options.

He said he favours an inner-city location for a new stadium, but not a waterfront site.

The site floated in the 2010 Commonwealth Games plan was Bay and Barton streets in an area now dominated by Rheem Canada Ltd., which is pulling out in 2009.

Eisenberger said that site would help create a corridor connecting downtown with the waterfront.

But he added any new stadium proposal would have to include other businesses and attractions to make it a year-long destination.

Other locations suggested in the past have been near the Hamilton airport and on the east Mountain.

You need a group of private investors to develop a new stadium. If you look at the proposal in Ottawa, its going to be a $250 million dollar make-over to the park and a modernization of the stadium. The guys that want to bring the CFL to Ottawa want to take over redevelopment of Landsdowne Part.

Not one penny will come from taxpayers.
The only problem we have in Ottawa is convincing the Left Wing NDPers on the city council that private buisness can do it better than governments. But NDPers think government should run everything.

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