Stadium debacle and the mayoral race

Well now, we have two of the three leading mayoral candidates that were part and parcel to the big stadium site snafu. First off we have Mayor Fred who masterminded the plot to get his preferred site (WH) the only remaining site on the table. In a sneaky, slippery and underhanded way he did this by basically clearing the playing field (eliminating all the competition). Now this guy ran a campagin on openness and transparency?...yah right...Next we have a councillor Bratina, who changed his mind on stadium location more times than I changed my socks. First of all he was against WH before he was in favour of WH. He originally wanted the stadium built on the Sir John A land but then he got the tradeoff of a big hotel to be built on that site, so he changed his vote to support the WH site. After that he was on board to look at the MIP site. Within a day or two he was on CH agreeing with Skelly's views on refurbishing Ivor Wynne. Within a day or two of that he was back on CH stating that we should bring Confed Park back into the mix. Now this flip flopper wants to run for mayor. A total left leaning, city core guy who is totally focused on rebuilding the core and nothing else. How long has he been the councillor for his ward. How much improvement in his six years have taken place since he's been there. It's still dirty, dumpy with crackheads and street vermin. It is still not safe to be down there after dark. Now wasn't Bratina one of the main reason's that Maple Leaf Foods told Hamilton..adios. Yes, Bratina said we didn't need the meat plant in the Glanbrook Industrial Park anyway, what we need is high tech businesses to locate there. Yah right...where are they? He runs a potential big employer out of town (which would have generated many jobs and taxes for the city) and he sees it as a victory for the city...I guess we don't need the jobs or taxes from a potential big employer. Maple Leaf didn't want to build their plant in a dumpy downtown brownfield site so the lefties ran them out of town. Bratina is what is wrong with this old boy still living in the 50's who thinks we can revert back to those good old days. We need strong business minded people that aren't fixated on...only the core or brownfields. These two cowboys may be part of the team that cost us the Tiger Cats. :cowboy:

Alls I know is I'm voting against the person in my area who didn't vote for East Mountain, even if they're trying to change the situation now. Too late, you're gone, next. Stickin' mayor.

Right on Big Al...what this town needs is a enema! :cowboy:

The EM and the TigerCats plan with it would have worked, agree.

The east mountain site would have been the ideal location. The land around it would have also been developed and the city would be collecting all the taxes from the developments. It would have been a win, win, win, win situation for all. :cowboy:

As for voting, for me it will come down to the one that explains all this the best and the one that has the best plan that is clearly laid out. This plan must include the long term success of the TiCats. Mayor Fred has long ago lost my vote as IMO a mayor needs to lead not dictate his personal opinions and agendas.

I think those who support Freds WH stadium vision should remember that they may not always be on his side and when they need a leader to consider all of our concerns Fred wont be there for them either.

A leader must earn the respect of his team mates. Once you lose your credibility, you lose your team mates respect. This is exactly what has happened to Mayor Fred. :cowboy:

And now Ian Deans joins the list.

Impressive resume.

My vote won't be going to anyone currently on council...and I'm not a big DiIanni guy either.

It just may be Ian Deans.


His wife is an Ottawa city councillor "Diane Deans" - one of the Lefties that fought tooth and nail against the Lansdowne development. She has stood firm against bringing back CFL football to Ottawa and anti-buisness perwson.
I'm sure that her husband has the same Left wing views, the last thing Hamilton needs is an NDPer as a Mayor.

I noticed that in the bio about Ian Deans it fails to mention that he's married to an OTTAWA city councillor and that he's spent the last 20 plus years living in Ottawa. Came back to the area to try to win an NDP seat in Brantford and failing that will try out for the Mayor of Hamilton. Hamiltonians will get excited because he is an

I agree the last thing this city needs is another antI-business pro labour lefty NDPer.

Lefties are not business friendly. That's why most major cities run by the left, are stricken with poverty and social programs. People in these cities rely on the "lefty governments" for handouts and in return the "lefty governments" rely on the people for social programs and handouts for their votes. They tax businesses to the hilt and see them as the enemy. Any lefty mayor voted in by the people of Hamilton and this city becomes a boil on Canada's ass. I see Eisenberger, Bratina and Deans all left leaning. At one time Eisenberger was touted as a centrist but the last four years he has shown his true colours...a closet lefty. :cowboy:

Ian is closing in on 75 and has been fighting Parkinson's disease. I respect his desire to keep fighting but whether or not I like his politics I have to say that I believe Hamilton will need someone with more vigor to combat its problems. It's going to be a tough job and is going to take years.

Ian Deans from what I've read above? Yikes! :o :o :o :o :o :o

He would be a disaster for Mayor, but this City is so full of left leaning NDP'ers that remember Deans' name that he may actually get some votes. This would be terrible for the City - guy hasn't been here in 20 years - what the heck does he know about the City anymore? Back in the day he would do no campaigning - show up at Limeridge mall the day before the election to shake some hands and then win - disgraceful. Another problem with this city - stop voting NDP - I don't care who you vote for but we should all try to vote for the party that we think will win the election - that is what is best for this city. This is another reason we get no money from the upper levels of government.

As long as councillors from the city core run the city, we're going nowhere...stagnet. :cowboy:

If that is true buck, it sure explains a lot of things about the city for sure.

and here is the latest on the devlopment in Ottawa. They have a lot of great ideas about "selling the air above the Park"
Ottawa city council and their Mayor is doing a great job working with the developers of Lansdowne.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

But...............look who is the biggest critic, the Anti-capitalist, anti Lansdowne, anti football...............Diane DEANS
The wife of ...........Ian Deans Do you think they have the same left wing NDP views??

Hey Mikem...take a look at every big city core in North America...usually always governed by the left. ..high poverty, slums, they keep the people suppressed, uninformed and keep promising them utopia....the land of milk and honey, you know. Obviously that never comes but they need to keep supporting the lefty governments to insure the continual flow of their social benefits. How close have we come to losing a 141 year old iconic sports franchise in this city and you know what...the lefty council could care less...and I'm including Eisenberger, Bratina, Collins, McHattie...they were willing to through the Cats under the bus until they heard the wrath of the voters. These guys need to go! :cowboy:

That is not completely correct, jay

Deans had been living in Paris, Ontario for about five years until he moved back to Hamilton last year.
Came back to the area to try to win an NDP seat in Brantford and failing that will try out for the Mayor of Hamilton.

Hamiltonians will get excited because he is an

I agree the last thing this city needs is another

antI-business pro labour lefty NDPer.

You are right, Mark

Deans was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005,
but says he’s taking medication and neither the disease nor his age will be a problem in the campaign.

I’m healthy as a dog,? he said. “I’m ready to go.?