...According to cbc.sports....the new digs for the Bombers and eventual take-over by Asper is just about there....feds. pretty well just have to rubber stamp the deal and its done Everyone else including the city is already on-side ......hmmmmmmmm....sure will be nice for the Wpg. football fans and the users of this facility......I think housedog and a few other naysayers better be prepared to

:wink: :lol:

We have been hearing the Asper garbage from day 1 that a deal was near completed.

except this actually is
the team has signed, the u of manitoba has signed the agreement, the city of winnipeg has signed the agreement, and it is pretty much now guaranteed that the feds will soon do the same. thats all the parties that asper needed the support of.

Nobody likes a sore winner....

I spoke to my city councillor and he says nothing has been signed off by the city. The mayor has given his verbal support and that is it. The issue is not where the stadium is to be built. My councillor informed me the issue is the present stadium site. If Asper wants the land for nothing or next to nothing it has to be put to a vote by council. And my councillor stated, that council would not approve of a fire sale or a gift of a piece of valuable property. Presently Asper does not have the votes on council regarding the give away of land worth millions. He also stated that numerous parties are interested in this land and are willing to pay top dollar for this land. Millions that could be used by the city to hold down taxes.This is not a done deal as some would assume. I would put the crow in the fridge as some supporters may want a late night snack.

…sanjay …when are you going to get into the REAL world…the announcement will be made officially in Jan 09…I don’t know why you won’t accept facts…as of now Vic Toews is on-side…that was the BIG hurdle ,not the city council…How would you like that crow…over easy with a little salt and pepper… :lol: :lol: :lol:

i think he wants its extra crispy

…I might have to eat a few feathers off of that bird…Doer and Vic Toews are making a floodway and infrastructure announcement TODAY…Could this be it guys???I may be a little premature…and i said sometime in Jan…I could’ve been wrong???crossing my fingers and hoping for an early xmas present…GOBIGBLUE… :thup:

...looks like we'll have to keep waiting.....infrastructure announcement today was about the floodway and bridges....but no stadium (AS YET) sure is a long time coming :roll: ???????

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Check your e-mail basket if you are on the Bomber Board. Asper sent an e-mail around indicating the opening was put off untill 2011. There has been a thread started on the Bomber Forum which contains the content of the e-mail.

,,,,,,OPENING......i'm just waiting for the stadium to get the okay....we know its going to take quite awhile to build it....but the official go-ahead and fed. contribution should be , could be around the cornor... :expressionless:This thing is really getting dragged out... :roll:

PAPA.....End of January you will be eating the whole crow. Not just the feathers. :cowboy: :cowboy:

.....NOW just have no xmas spirit.....Jan. 16/09 or there abouts ...i'll have a BIG plate of that big black-bird for ya...i hope you'll show... :lol: :lol:

I hope the Aspers, the fans and the politicians will erect a roof over your proposed stadium. I remember watching frequent games from Winnipeg which seems to always have horrid weather in CFL late season games. Come on you guys, join the civilized world where Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto have a proper atmosphere for late season games such as the Grey Cup, the Vanier Cup and other myriad money making Fall- Winter events.

The Stadium deal for Winnipeg has been "near completion" for 2 years now.


I'm so sick of all this waiting... SICK OF IT!!

I hate Canad Inns Stadium- it's an awful, awful, awful venue to watch sports.

I'm just so sick of all this. You have NO idea.


It is just a matter of time now, all parties have given there approval and for the fans who don't believe or don't want a new stadium, it is time to live with it. Expect an announcement by7 the end of January at the very latest, all Government parties will recieve most of there funds back from construction revenue and the sale of the current land (canadinns stadium). Also asper has stated that he does not want the current land for nothing and stated that he would rather build the stadium and have the land sold to another party, if that is what it takes to get the deal done, so the current stadium land title is really irrelevent in this matter, better late then never!! 2011 we will be sitting in brand new digs!!

It will never be built. Look for an announcement soon regarding yet another delay or new location.

Just give it up already. This is Winnipeg. We’ll be in a new stadium all right- in 2025. Personally, I can’t wait!

....why don't you get off the ' this is Wpg. kick', JetsinPhoenix....we know you're still shell/shocked that the nhl has left town.....but c'mon we're talking football now....Other cities have gone through the same waiting period for a lot of their patient.. :wink:

As with any new construction project, delays are a guarantee. Look at Canwest Global Park, took 2 extra years to build as Katz was waiting on land approval and so on. Another example is the MTS Centre, they had to walk through mud to get that deal done, first with the LOCATION, THEN THE SAVE THE EATONS GRANNY'S AND SO ON, construction was delayed 1 year because of that, but was still built. Just because there are delays, does not mean the stadium deal won't get done, face it, it will be built.

There has been no official announcement as this day. The media appears to have given up on this story. Jan 16 is supposed to be the official announcement date. 11 days and counting. Papa and a few others will be eating that big fried crow. Papa I will even invite Asper as your table mate.