Stadium crumbling

Interesting story in the Ottawa Sun today


This stadium was in better shape than IWS.

I believe it's time to plan before it's too late!


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GF, is this re Frank Clair? I can't access via the link.

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The article basically states that the south stands of Lansdowne Park are closed to the crumbling beams and infrastructure.

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You don't have permission to access /News/OttawaAndRegion/2007/ on this server."

I went there to see Hamilton play in early 93 and sat in the south stands. The stadium looked in great condition.

It is accessible, you just have to link through and get it.
Sounds like some councillors want to keep the other side up and running and the park going. I'm sure there will be a debate big time on this one.

I noticed at IWS when leaning agains't the walls on the north stands, upper level near the refreshment areas the steel girders are very rusty and the rust is falling off in little pieces. I don't know how important this is though?

ottawa should just tear down the stadium and turn it into one of those dome places where you can have indoor driving range, soccer, baseball , football. They could also put some nice condominiums there.

Well, Ottawa does convert a significant part of it into an indoor sport facility with an inflated dome (from what I have heard). I hope the current situation doesn't preclude the facility from being used. It's a shame.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would say that with this and the liklihood of the stadium not being anything near safe for the opening of all the stands, that CFL hopes in Ottawa are pretty much well dead for the foreseable future.

the cfl should just avoid ottawa, if the cfl was smart, they would try to raise money and help upgrade that beautiful stadium in quebec, im not sure which college it is, but if they add some seats, a video board, some suites, they will be fine and have a great labour day rivalry with montreal. Another location the CFL should look at is Victoria, they have a 10,000 seat soccer stadium, but they could add another grandstan with 10,000 or so seats add some other stuff and they could be rivals with the lions.

This does seem strange because the stadium was full for this summers FIFA world cup. All the games were sold out - 27,000 for all 8 games played in Ottawa. The first Friday night of the FIFA under 20 there were 54,000 fans!!
Ottawa is a great sports town, the highest attendance in JR A hockey and 20,000 average for the Sens.
For the first three years of the Renegades existence their attendance was higher than Hamilton's, Toronto's and Montreals.

As was stated above, there is a dome on the stadium and soccer is played all winter.
Just hope the city corrects the problem and we can get a team back.
However, the last Canadian team in AAA baseball will be leaving Ottawa at the end of the year because of lack of support, but baseball all over Canada is in a serious decline.

i saw the jays farm team play in syracuse against ottawa and there was a good group of about 50 lynx fans there. man i wish there was more baseball in canada, the lynx moving stinks and what are they gonna do with that park?

common sense would be to move the blue jays AAA farm team to Ottawa. It makes sense, because if the jays need to call up a player they can get to toronto on a quick 2-hour flgiht and you dont have to go throguh customs. If the jays were smart, rogers would buy the stadium rights and take control of the ballpark and have their AAA team play there. They should even consider putting a dome over it and using it year round for baseball canada and winterball.

i heard that syracuse wants a different team based there in order to draw more fans, it woudl be cool if toronto followed the orioles who have a bunch of their farm teams based in maryland.
and im sorry but seeing baseball in a dome stinks.

frank clair stadium should just be turned into a rec centre and a place for people to play sports and train, enough of the cfl in ottawa.

The report is in and the cost to rebuild the South Side stands is $5M which will give a life of only 8 more years. The stands were built in 1962 and coming up to the end of its life.

The Mayor and others are saying that a complete tearing down and new stands can be done for $6m and will last 50 years.
With the new local group interested in bringing a CFL franchise in, it looks like the New stand will be the way to go.

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I didn't realize there is a local group interested in a CFL franchise for Ottawa. That sounds interesting.

Yes this group seemed to come out of the woodwork when it was announced that Lansdowne Park may be re-developed. Very little information yet but the announcement of a "possible" CFL franchise hopefully will persuade the city to rebuild the stands.
With the success of the FIFA U21, the womens world cup, Stones Concert etc, the city is realizing that the stadium is valuable. The city also leases the stadium for 6 months to a company that erects a dome for soccer teams.
Ottawa citizen story:

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Thanks for the info mike. Why is it articles I read about the possibility of the CFL returning to Ottawa, have undertones in them that the CFL screwed Ottawa totally rather than maybe the city of Ottawa bearing some of the blame as well? This one gives the impression that the CFL should have just awarded a franchise to Frank D'Angelo because he wanted one. Weird.

"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating in to a Medieval study hall."

  • Vince Lombardi

... the same can be said about a city without football, Vincey Boy!

Some politicians in this country think culture only thrives in empty, 120 million dollar opera houses and ugly, renovated museums! We've forgotten how important sport is to society!

Football is fighting an uphill battle for government dollars in a soccer-mom (medieval study hall) town like Ottawa!