Stadium costs of yesteryear (including adjusted inflation)

[b]Clarke Stadium built 1938
$7,000 CAD
($112,000 in 2014 dollars)

Percival-Molson Stadium built 1919
$100,000 CAD
($1.26 million in 2014 dollars)

Winnipeg Stadium built 1953
$483,000 CAD
($4.24 million in 2014 dollars)

McMahon Stadium built 1960
$1.05 million CAD
($8.33 million in 2014 dollars)

Exhibition Stadium built 1948
$3 million CAD
($31.69 million in 2014 dollars)

Commonwealth Stadium built 1978
$20.9 million CAD
($70.2 million in 2014 dollars)

BC Place built 1983
$126.1 million CAD
($267 million in 2014 dollars)

Skydome built 1989
$570 million CAD
($937 million in 2014 dollars)

Olympic Stadium built 1976
$770 million CAD
($1.47 billion in 2014 dollars)[/b]

oh, and the oddly fashioned Autostade of Montreal which lasted only ten years before being demolished in the latter 70's..

Autostade Stadium built 1967
$3.3 million CAD
($22.7 million in 2014 dollars)

Interesting info tangle. :thup:

I would question the cost for Clarke stadium $7000 . It must not of included all the options .

You need to double check your math. Numbers don't add up.

He probably used this website

[url=] ... alculator/[/url]

yes I did use the Bank of Canada inflation converter for some of the stadiums listed, with others from Wikipedia.

Just trying to express how contemporary stadium costs have risen to such absurd and outrageous levels, with contributing factors such as trade unions, public subsidies, cronyism/nepotism, bureaucracy, corruption, import duties/tariffs, high-end amenities and infrastructure costs, employee apathy, etc etc as likely culprits.

How about comparing to todays most costly stadium - the Big "Owe" at $1.47 BILLION, so far (in 2006 dollars), needs another $300 Million for a new roof. Add the maintenance costs over the past 30 plus years. - ouch
Too big for CFL football, MLS, or baseball. The costs to tear it down would be $500 Million. [url=] ... c-stadium/[/url]

I did SJ.
check the list.

The Big Owe was a catastrophe and corruption of epic proportions right from the start.

Yes, I missed that. For BC place add the cost of the new roof at $563 million.

That’s fine, but your argument would be stronger with correct math. Just looking at your Big Owe and Commonwealth examples, you’ve got the cumulative impact of inflation being 1.9 times since 1976, and 3.4 times since 1978. It really calls the whole list into question, not to mention your suggested causes.

Even in 76 and 89, Montreal and Toronto got ripped off.

Interesting work Tangle, thanks :thup:

I think Montreal's might be even higher when you factor other parts of the project...Yikes!

Also, how us it that Skydome still got more money in the late 80's than Hamilton did in current $$$ for their new stadium. Seems a little unfair

can't compare the financial state the provice was in in 1989 to 2014. thats 25 years difference. different people are in power. different priorities.

one city is 10 times larger than the other. one had an MLB team as tennants. not to mention governments dont give out money anymore unless the stadium is tied to some rinky dink 2 week games

Edmonton got the best deal I'd say. Commonwealth Stadium is, with the exception of too narrow concourses, an impressive place.