Stadium contractor ‘extremely sorry,’ asks for second chance

From today's Hamilton Spectator....

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How much time has passed and NOW the contractor is sorry....must be a Hamilton project that they want to bid on....

Yeah.....I smell a rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Stadium saga seems never ending, But as a TiCats fan, we are much better with THF than without it!

Business must be slow.......

So could this mean (if indeed the law suits are finally settled) , that the city of Hamilton and the Ticats can now put to-gether a bid to host a Grey Cup game ?

[quote="my home team"]From today's Hamilton Spectator....

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How much time has passed and NOW the contractor is sorry....must be a Hamilton project that they want to bid on....

8) Yeah, maybe he wants to bid on the LRT :lol: :roll:

One would certainly hope.

Second chance granted: they can build a second stadium at their own expense and try to get it right this time.

Probably not far off, I believe Kenaidan does some work for Go/Metrolinx.

They can start with a downtown location


Why the he!! would you even mention location. That debate is DEAD. With the exception of deficiencies, we got the best we could get for the money spent. Winnipeg and Regina both spent many millions more than we did. There was already protests about committing $45 million of city money to THF.
Where would you get the other monies and time required to build downtown.
That ship sailed long ago. If you don't like the location, don't go to games.
Please, please , please......stop the whining :thdn:

You need to lighten up .you're far too tightly wound

According to this mornings Spec, Kaneidan is barred from bidding on any city project until 2019. Even then I doubt they'll be selected for anything after that. I also blame poor project management for this debacle.
Just think, another provincial setup called Metrolinks is over 2 years behind on the Burlington go station upgrade. Just imagine the cluster fudge that'll happen with these jokers on a billion$ project like LRT. Tax $$$ hard at work. Why can't they admit their current model for infrastructure build does not work.

Lenny, as I remember, Infrastructure Ontario, who was the project manager on the stadium build claimed a perfect record prior, for budget and deadline adherence . I think that's why there was such confidence in this group.

After the THF fiasco, Kaneidan should have their name dropped entirely from ANY list of public sector construction bids. Period. No return date.

I would hope that if Hamilton decision makers, or even the province has any distaste for how badly these clowns performed on the stadium, they should avoid them.

I feel for the guy, we all knew on day one it was going to be a gong show and that it wasn't going to be ready on time. Still, I don't doubt he still came away with a decent chunk of change.

I remember oh it will be great it will be "State of the art" ...

Infrastructure Ontario should be saying sorry they were the top of the pyramid there..

Not to mention all the overseers that must have been there poking their noses around (if they weren't they dropped that ball too).

The contractor should have known better...but the whole gang of them are just useless

More problems for the city, another $500k in repairs and taxpayers to pay for it.

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Jim you should read the article, :roll: the taxpayers are not paying for it, the money has already been withheld.

Coun. Lloyd Ferguson, who chaired the city’s Pan Am stadium committee, said he’s “comfortable? with the ongoing spending because the city withheld millions of dollars in payments to builder Ontario Sport Solutions as a result of the initial problems.

[i]“We’ve held a lot of money back to ensure that stadium is completed and in an appropriate state of repair,? he said. “That’s worth doing and I’m comfortable we won’t be left on the hook for the cost.?

The city confirmed it had $6 million in withheld payments available in late 2015, but it’s not clear how much of that cash remains. City lawyer Bryan Boodhoo said Tuesday he can’t reveal any information about the holdback cash because of ongoing litigation.[/i]

What the he// is wrong with you!!! :oops:

I wish people would stop quoting you because that's the only way I see your annoying posts.

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Quoting who? I didn't write the article.

The city will spend up to $500,000 fixing persistent stadium leaks and sound system issues as legal wrangling continues over who is to blame for a laundry list of post-construction problems.