stadium construction

Without anyone freaking out on me but does anyone have any word on just how much more work needs to be done in order for the stadium is deemed to be finished?

Not sure why'd you post this in a new thread, vs using one of the two existing stadium threads, but last I had heard, end of Feb.

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Basically everything looks done, it's just some of the interior behind the walls stuff like the boilers, sound system glitches, elevators, ticketing booths and some minor landscaping cleanup. No specifics though.

Maybe because the OP wanted a quick answer, and didn't want to read through about a thousand pages of vitriol.

How do Ticats fans find the new stadium concourse area? Is it congested?

drove by the stadium last week. It looks 99% complete. of course looks is different from operation. (elevators, hvac)

Is the skating pad open? Is that a Timmies behind it under the stands?

Negative. The area is finished but I dont think the skating pad will open until next year. The stadium is still a construction site and the keys haven't been given to the city yet, and they're the ones who operate the skating rink. Maybe they'll get the splash pad operational for the summer though.

As for the Tim Hortons, that area is roughed in. But have we seen any solid confirmation that there will in fact be a Tim Hortons there?

Right on schedule............

How much work do you think would actually get done if there was an operating Tim Horton's on-site?

For the last time THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A TIM HORTONS RETAIL STORE AT THE STADIUM they sell coffee at the games but will never be a Official store there

Well excuuuuuse me BoLtZ Sorry to have rained on your parade

Some updated pictures courtesy of the Voyageurs FB page. (canadian soccer supporters). From this week.

Not sure whats going on in the seating area but looks like they have removed some seats and covered certain areas of the seating bowl. Does anyone know whats up?

Please look at my post in the stadium talk thread on March 11th.This might shed some light on the tents you see. :slight_smile:

I don't know about others, but generally speaking (of course), I walk up the stairs from my seat in Section 104 to find the concourse area. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pictures look as if they are painting the railings

That makes sense. I know they had issues with painting the exterior and the wind taking the paint mist and spotting some resident's cars. Probably why they are sheltering it here.

My seat was ready last labour day game so in my books thats all that matters, had a great time at every home gem last year played there, i could care less for the Panam games! #IsItJuneYet

This photo on Instagram shows a worker cutting the cement under the tarp. Look like some seam sealing is going on.

Sorry I don't know how to add the photo direct.

Interesting, I know it’s not rocket science but as a guy who knows little about machinery and cutting and construction, I’m amazed at things like saws that can just cut through cement, saws that aren’t huge sort of thing.

Here you go TCHABS. Nice find!