Stadium Chosen!!!

Ken Hildahl just announced on CJOB the Bombers have chosen the Asper proposal...

...providing the different levels of govt. deliver....this is a great day for the Bombers and the CFL in the Peg.....BigBlue fans could be sitting in new digs for 08.....HOOOOOORAY......GO ASPER.....GO BLUE BOMBERS...... :rockin: :rockin: :thup:

Congratulations Winnipeg, I’m insanely jealous and completely pissed off :slight_smile:

Ha no I’m not, enjoy your new toy :slight_smile:

Way to go 'Peg, you guys are now taking control of the CFL in a way and showing the way for others. :thup:

congrats to the bombers.

i wish i could be there for opening day at the new stadium!

i bet the bombers season ticket number will skyrocket for that '08 season!

Thats good news! I know going from benches at Old Empire to nice Seats in BC Place was a welcomed releif.


Now, about those mosquitos.....

Does the top of the stadium have mosquito nets????? :wink:

actually the misquitos havent been to to bad the last 2 summers. hopefully it continues!


Now the fun part, negotiations.

Asper agrees to put in 50% of the stadium construction costs(60M of the 120M + 25M for the retail/offices)
and only 50-60% ownership(giving him day to day run of things)
With a post-Asper plan(he can’t live forever)
and start it building, the Feds/Prov should warm up to 30M each instead of 40M.
Also if Asper covers any cost over-runs that helps get that Government $$.

I agree with barnes7 that Asper will have to pony up a bit more money, but I think he knew this all along. He asks the big govs for $40 million knowing all along they'll try to haggle him down. That's ok to him though if they pay $30 million each. Having a post Asper plan will be critical. The final deal will probably be something that allows the team to go back to being publically owned if he goes bankrupt or when he dies or whatever.

I think they will go for it though. What do you suppose the feeling is in Winnipeg about the team being privately owned? Personally, I think we'd be better off if Asper owned the team. Gary Doer is worried about him moving the team. That will never happen, unless the new stadium is build with wheels and they drive it to Brandon...

Exactly, fear of the team moving is around, in ways the future is unknown never know what might happen which could lead to the team possibly moving which should never happen. Everyone will say it is unlikely but garantees of it not being able to happen are needed.

The fear over Privately owned is out of town ownership mainly, Local Ownership should be fine aslong as Asper isn't too hands on in on-field affairs.

haha, nice Brandon in the CFL, that would be a fun rivalry.
Asper so low ball'd, a good business move.

Good Job Bombers, Best Choice Was Clearly Made, Asper May Not Live Forever, But His Legacy And The Bombers Legacy Will Live Forever.