Stadium Announcer, Mike Nabuurs

Mike Nabuurs is a local Radio celebrity:

[url=] ... ID=2152859[/url]

But we know him as:

[url=] ... ne-stadium[/url]

The Ticat stadium announcer.

I thought I'd ask, in response to a suggestion in another thread about the stadium announcer needing to get the crowd going, whether those of you who have been at a game at Tim Hortons Field think Mike has been doing an ok, good, or great, job at this.

My vote is "great". Like anyone who is good at their craft the trick is not to start-out great, that by definition is not possible. It is to keep learning until you become great. And I think Mike is now doing a great job. Of course the much improved sound system at THF doesn't hurt.

I think he's terrific. Great interaction with whats on the videoboard.

He is doing a great job! :thup:

It seems like the crowd responds well to him, too. Lots of noise when prompted. The player videos and the animations on the screen are pretty good at inciting that, too.

He did a great job at the last game in particular, in terms of getting the crowd into the game.

I think he does a great job. You know why? cause i cant even notice him.
However i would like the chance to BEG the graphics department to create a "Quiet - Offense at work" Video when we have the ball.

I was just noticing this last game that he'd occasionally ask for some noise for the defence at just the exact right moments. You know, those times when there's been a little lull, maybe a commercial break, where the crowd has quieted somewhat but are still into the game, he provides a little nudge, nothing over-the-top, just a simple "Welcome back your Tiger-Cat defence!" and he sets us off. The crowd was really responding to him well.

He doesn't try to excite me to make noise, he just gives me permission. Well done, Nabuurs.


Let's put it this way. He's 1,000 times better than Jason Farr was.

Did anyone else catch Nabuur's very funny line that had my section laughing:

When Edmonton's QB Mike Reilly was under pressure and tossed the ball a long way out of bounds, Nabuurs deadpanned:

"Reilly's pass attempt to section 115 was incomplete."

Noticed that as well, but I heard:

"Reilly's pass is complete...... to section 115" either way, we all had a good laugh.

Same when he had to catch himself from saying Roughriders instead of Redblacks when talking about the next few games.

Pretty funny.

Thanks for the correction. My version was second hand. Either version works though. :wink:

I agree that Mike has very good timing when it comes to bringing the noise level back up when it lulls a bit.
I very strongly agree that we need to shut it down when the Cats have the ball. Something on the video board would be great rather than having the announcer "scold" us to keep the noise down.

I grew up with a totally impartial (If memory serves) announcer in Edmonton at Eskimo games in the 80s. I lean a bit more in that direction but I think Mike strikes an excellent balance. He has a great sense of humour and is very quick. Really enjoyed his work on Saturday - Loved the call on the pass to section 116! My son and I laughed out loud at a few of his comments.

I too noticed the improvement over his performance at IWS. He seems to say the right things at the right time, other than introducing the army officer as Loo ten ant Ker nel instead of the Canadian Army's pronunciation of Lef ten ant Ker nel. I sent him a message on CKOC's website about this joshing him about making sure of his geography in the future.


First off, thank you to everyone for their kind comments about my work as the stadium announcer !! I absolutely love the gig and I am truly thrilled at the positive reception. I will say that it takes a team of people in the booth to make it happen, from Mo the director to Gus my spotter, to Jake the music man !! The entire Tiger Cat family have been exceptional to work with.
I particularly took notice of the comment that started the ball rolling on this topic about me "growing" into the position. This is my fourth season and I've worked in four different stadiums with different set ups and sound systems!! But now we are finally "home" !! From my perspective as the stadium announcer, Tim Hortons Field is spectacular !! The sound system, the feel, the noise level when the crowd responds to a prompt, it is awesome !! I look forward to continuing to grow in my role, to find that perfect balance to enhance the game without getting in the way of it !!
Thank you to everyone for the encouragement - Go CATS Go !!! And yes it's "Left-tenant" .... I shall never forget again :slight_smile:

We appreciate you and your crews' hard work every game Mike! Keep it up! :thup:

He's doing a great job, serious when called for, funny when called for and gets you pumped for the game. Everything you could ask.

The only qualm I can raise, which I'm more inclined to blame temporary wiring/technical issues, as it did not appear to be a problem in Ivor Wynne or Guelph is that sometimes the sound system seems to kick out, and it sounds like I'm hearing announcing from the concessions only. I'm in section 103, and I can only assume this gets rectified when the broadcast booth finally moves to the top of the stadium.


I'll vote great as well. I have two pieces of feedback;

  1. Sometimes states "It's a sack for the gold and black!" which i think is in the right direction, but being a bit on the traditional side our colours are black and gold. I thought "it's a sack for the men in black!" is less awkward sounding. all in all not a big deal.

  2. on Andy Fantuz receptions; I think the crowd would respond well to a more set cadence that affords and offers a kind of primer to elicit a larger response from the homers. Currently Mr. Nabuurs quickly states "reception by Andy Fan-tuuuuuuuz". If he consistently delivered it with a good cadence as "Reception... by number 83... Andy... Fan... tuuuuuuz" I think the fans will catch on and join in greater numbers to create more of a buzz.

anyway, he's still doing a great job.

I noticed during the Labour Day game that Jake was often letting the music continue to play too close to the snap of the ball, with the QB (for both teams) trying to call his signals.
But the last 2 games he seems to be cutting it off sooner.
So I'll chalk that up to getting used to the new setup.
I don't know what the league's rule about that is, but I think it should be shut off as soon as the 20 second clock is started.

Pretty solid, I'd say. But I'd echo what others have said. The music cuts have been a little mis-timed. And I don't think that it's him running the video board, but last game was uh.. interesting.

Once he finishes growing into the role, he'll be great.