Stadium Announcer did scab labour

I watched the Saskatchewan – Winnipeg game tonight on CBC. I think the no-announcer coverage completely sucks, and is a disservice to the CFL product, and an insult to CFL fans.

But now the stadium announcers are climbing into bed with CBC management.

I didn’t see the entire game, but I listened to a lot of it from the other room. It was pretty clear to me that the “stadium announcer� wasn’t just announcing for the stadium – he was announcing for the TV audience he knew was listening.

At the end of a play in the third quarter, the CBC music came up, and the “stadium announcer� said “Flag on the play, we’ll pick it up when we come back.� Mix to commercial.

Later, near the end of the fourth quarter, the same scenario: the music comes up, and the announcer reads, “It’s the three-minute warning, from Winnipeg, it’s the Banjo Bowl, Saskatchewan 19, Winnipeg 17!!� Mix to commercial.

Clearly, he knew when they were going to commercial. Why would a “stadium announcer� throw to commercial?? How would he know WHEN to throw to commercial, if he wasn’t getting cues from CBC?

Clearly, that means a couple of things:

  1. The “stadium announcer� is doing what is called “scab labour.�

  2. CBC management is engaging “scab labour� to make the product a little more like real coverage.

  3. The CFL product is getting sucked in to what may become a very ugly industrial dispute. Imagine when hockey starts.

I wonder how the “stadium announcer� feels doing someone else’s job. I wonder how “someone else� is going to feel working with him, in the future. And I wonder how CBC managers will try to justify this to their CMG colleagues after this lockout ends.

It's a Bomb boy's...Smudgebuck is straight up, in what he's saying....SBS, should rethink the Silent Broadcasting Station name and honor the CBC name, and give in to some of the Unions demands, all they want is stable employment so they can raise there families to the standards of the Canadian dream...

It doesn't bother me.


As a public broadcaster, that happens to be paid for by our dollars, I think the CBC has a mandate to operate in the best interests of the public, its shareholders...........

You hit the nail on the head. The taxpayer has been pumping their hard earned money into the CBC for years and it is time for it to stop. Smudge buck called the stadium announcer scab labour. I have news for you my friend, he was doing his job, announcing.
Hank the tank. As for stable labour they already have it. The CBC wants to bring in contractors for future employment, not to replace employees that are already there. I have heard the union cry many times before, example the hockey dispute "we are not doing for ourselves we are doing it for the future.

Baloney they just want to line their own pockets at the taxpayers expense.
If they want to raise their families then the union should give in so that the vast majority can work as opposed to creating a few more jobs.

The CbC has been contracting there work out for years, the union doesn’t want to eliminate it, they want some controll on the contracting out issue. If every company in Canada Had the Cbc managment policy this country would be in dire straights

Why should they have any control in it.
The CBC is the Employer and the union are the Employees. Last time I looked the employer is the one that calls the shots.

Contracting is an issue that is going on where I work as well. They way I look at is it that if 2 or 3 hundred people lose their jobs in order to reduce the overall price of the product which will save 10,000 jobs it is worth it.

Granted it really sucks if you are one of those who lose their jobs and I would change my tune if I was one of them but like Mr Spock said, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"

Your so right ro1313........what would make the union think that they should be able to tell the CBC what and how to do things.............the CBC is a bloated union money pit...........last time the curling brier was in saskatoon.....TSN covered it all week......had a crew of 12 or so people........CBC arrived on the weekend to cover the took a crew of 34................ it was Conrad Black who said when he would be interviewed by CTV or somebody else.......3 people would show up........a reporter, camerman, and MAYBE a techie..............last time he was interviewed by CBC........10 people.......................CBC is a bloated leftwing, liberal luving, american hating, waste of my tax dollars..........time to sell it the private how can you argue against a Mr Spock quote????

I rather enjoy the "walby-free zone" broadcasts.
If this labour dispute is still going on when Hockey starts, I will enjoy the silent hockey games as well. I just hope that the CBC broadcasts the games!
I wonder how these silent CFL broadcasts will go over at playoff time?
As much as I enjoy the no-commentary, it wouldn't seem right for the Grey cup!
Marc M

I totally agree with madmaxxx, pigseye and ro1313 . And besides why should the CFL and their fans be dragged into the middle of the CBC's dispute ??? The CBC and their EMPOLYEES have contract obligations to fulfill to the CFL so get off the "scab" crap. Next CFL contract the CBC should be cut out of the picture because of this.

I also agree here. The CBC sucks the tax dollars from us & gives us very little in return. They could not make it on their own if they didn't have gov't funding. Scab annoucers? That's retarded, they are doing their jobs as stadium announcers. I'd like to see what happens when they do a game in Ottawa, with the terrible sound systems here, they will have to plug the mike right into the CBC feed. hahaha

Call them scabs if you want, but i sure appreciated the extra effort
they seem to be putting in, and I'll say this again, I really do find these
games more enjoyable to watch, no bias comments, no repetitive
comments, no @ss kissing, just good ol ball.

I'd love to see Suitor muted and the announcers turned up.

That's pretty sad and funny, when this labor issue is settled, hopfully we will return to normal.

B..S.. ro, it's not two to three hundred peaple loosing there jobs to save thousands, it's the trend of to many company's in this country to scale down full time positions so they do not have to pay pension funds, medical coverage and usually a cut rate wage. it's not the union who made the Cbc fat, it's managment who directs the CBC, much like the owners in the Nhl who drove the wages through the roof. Contracting out does save money at the cost of the working peaple. Try buying a house and tell the loans manager your on a two year contract, god forbid if you actually got sick and had no medical coverage...

Isn't TSN also doing SCAB Labour.?They have shown 2 of CBC's games.And the T.V. ratings for those games have been through the roof.

For 3 games , now the CBC's ratings have been the highest ever.

The CBC wouldn't have to lock out their workers if the CBC's budget wasn't cut all the time. It is just that simple.

People can't complain about lock outs and then say that the CBC is a money pit. You can't have it both ways.

The CBC is the only CANADIAN network to show mostley CANADIAN culture.You don't get that from......GLOBAL[they show almost nothing but U.S. programming] , CTV.......which is a little better, but not much.

The CBC gives Canadians many jobs and does a great job with , HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA , the CFL , the CALGARY STAMPEDE , CURLING , ICE SKATING , world track meets, world swimming meets .....ect............1 million people watch their nightly news , which is CANADIAN.

The CBC is important to our country.

they broadcast those sporting shows cause they take my tax's and out bid privately owned companies..........we have canadian much tv has to be do we really need the CBC a network who refuses to call the people who drove planes inot the world trade center or murder hundreds of little kids in that Russian school last year "terrorist"...........cause that would be picking sides.................not sure about the Calgary Stampede..........but all those sports advents would be teleivisied by somebody else...............sell it or run it like PBS in the states.......if you want it give to it............leave my taxs alone

Hank there are a few problems with your argument.
First of all I don't believe that there is a company out there that complains about paying pensions because they all make a fortune with them. Again my company for example used to have a 5 year optional period but not anymore. You now pay into the pension on your first paycheck because they want to take your money invest it and keep the profits for themselves.

Second sure they want to save expenses. Do you think that it cost you company only your salary to employee you? Take your salary and multiple it by 2.5 and that's what it costs.

Third when it comes to contracting the contract is not to individuals who will have a 2 or 3 year contract. The contract is given to other companies who usually specialise in that given field and have full time permanent employees.

You are right however about it being managements fault for giving in to union demands in the first place. Guess how much the guy who mops the floor makes at the company I work for????? Try 24$ an hour. Nice huh?

All these salaries add to the price of the product and it is time to bring things down to earth

I’m not quite sure which side you are on but.
Neither TSN or the stadium announcers are scabs because they are not being paid by the CBC. The CFL gave the games to TSN because of the lockout. It would be like you canceling your purchase with one place and buying from another because of a lockout.

The CBC’s budget has been cut because it is a money pit who in my opinion do not deliver deliver a quality product. (not just talking about the games this year)

As a beginning teacher, I made 29,000 per year. A new caretaker at our school (only a couple years out of high school) who had not previously been employed as a caretaker anywhere (i.e. this was his first job as a caretaker) was making 29,000 per year. He worked 35 hours per week - I was lucky if I only worked 70-80. I spent six years in university to make the same amount as the person who had no post-secondary education whatsoever, and was not charged with the task of helping shape today's youth. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to scrub toilets for a living, and I'm not bashing anyone who does so - basically I'm agreeing with ro1313 here - something's fishy.