Stade Olympique

Announcement on new Big O roof coming soon

The Olympic Installations Board may soon announce a new retractable roof for Olympic Stadium.

With a proper retractable roof for the venue, could the Big Owe return as a host for Alouette playoff games.

Obviously a Grey Cup would return to the city in short order also.

I have fond memories of the Big 'O'. As a kid, I would take the train or bus to Montreal. Then take the Metro directly to the stadium and watch either an Als or Expos game. It is an amazing atmosphere when filled. When the Als first moved into the stadium (without the roof) they had great crowds. I would like to see the stadium used for one regular season game (perhaps against Ottawa) and for playoff games in addition to any future Grey Cup games.

Thank you for the memories.


I have a strange feeling Coderre has an angle here, maybe he wants to convert it into a baseball only stadium...

They aren't talking about a retractable roof. Seems more like some kind of Frankenstein patch job.

Mais la vérité se trouve peut-être entre les deux si l’on en croit Claude Phaneuf, ingénieur et concepteur du Stade olympique. Sans être dans le secret des dieux, Claude Phaneuf dit toujours être en contact avec certains décideurs. Selon lui, le stade obtiendra dans les prochaines années, un nouveau toit fixe, pouvant tout de même s’ouvrir à l’occasion. «Ce serait un toit léger et fixe. Mais advenant le besoin d’y disputer des compétitions à ciel ouvert, le toit pourrait s’ouvrir, mais cela prendrait quelques jours.»

According to the news, they’ve looked at a roof that can be removed (not retractable) that they can take off before games. Apparently it’s Japanese technology

Unlikely, because Montreal would then lose the opportunity to host FIFA World Cup fixtures.

There is no chance for a baseball team for at least 10 years.


If the Expos return a major key will be a new baseball stadium, not a refurbished Olympic Stadium.

Oubliez les Expos. Ils sont partis avec Coderre.

Maybe ... Probably ... but it was always up to the $$$-men to swing the deal ... not certain Corderre planned to cough up real dollars, but a couple of years from now, when it is time to look to planning for re-election, it might be time to try to win popularity with "city services" and "redevelopment approvals".

L'interet pour le retour des Expos s'est manifeste avant l'arrivee de Coderre.

But every effort like that needs a "Champion" and that is Coderre. It will be interesting to see if he continues in his efforts. If he was in it for Baseball fans than why should he stop?

Like with everything else, Coderre was in it for himself. He wanted to use taxpayer money to help build a stadium.

Bronfman, who evades paying some of his taxes to Quebec and Canada, a while ago, stated that the government would have to do its part (in bringing back the Expos). The government does not have money; but rather, it allocates taxpayer's money to projects. So Bronfman was basically demanding that taxpayers pay for a stadium, so he and his rich partners could profit from it. The man has no shame...

Of course, Coderre was on board with this idea. He would look like a saviour, and every taxpayer would be paying for it. When Coderre lost the mayoral race, these rich cronies lost their biggest ally and salesman for the theft of taxpayer money to build a stadium.

The new mayor, Valérie Plante is very much to the left. She will not be so enthusiastic to take from the working class, to give to wealthy individuals.

Johnny would like for the Expos to return. But, taxpayers should not pay to build a stadium so a few billionaires can have a sports team as an asset. Especially not when Johnny has to wait 3 months to see a specialist doctor, when Johnny's car is assaulted by the cracked and potholed roads; and when neighbourhood kids are stuffed 40 into a mold infested classroom. There are much more important needs for taxpayer money. Infrastructure, health, education, etc.

Lors de la réunion tenue le 25 octobre dernier, "Le Conseil des ministres a opté pour la solution d'un nouveau toît ,au coût estimé de $200. à $250. millions". Bonnes nouvelles!

Le Gouvernement attendait la fin des élections municipales -5 novembre 2017- avant d'en faire l'annonce.


Read and see what is missing?

Se qualifiant de grande sportive - elle a notamment fait un triathlon en août dernier – Valérie Plante aime le sport. Selon elle, les équipes et événements sportifs remplissent deux mandats importants. «On est une ville de sport, on a une équipe de soccer, une équipe de hockey, qui sait, on aurait peut-être une équipe de baseball qui va revenir. Alors oui, toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour faire la promotion de Montréal et la promotion du sport.»
Valerie NoLuv

L' annonce.

$250 Million would go a long way to a nice new stadium, but I guess we can take what we can

I guess no-one ever told her we have a football team

Where is that from?



En fait, c'esttabarnac.

Another report yesterday saying up to $300 million.

Two years of studying what would be the best roof option.
And if all goes well completed by 2023.

If they are estimating $250-$300 million, by the time it actually finalized that figure will be higher.