Stade Olympique Retractable Roof Timeline

I culdnt find an answer in the media. So i figured i would go right to the source.
When is the projected date that the new retractable roof will finally be installed

Per a Google search for “Olympic stadium roof” under the news option:
The completion date for the Olympic Stadium’s planned $250-million roof replacement is being pushed back a year, officials say, to make sure they get it right this time.
“The first two roofs did not work,” Maurice Landry, in charge of construction and maintenance for the Régie des installations olympiques (RIO), told Radio-Canada.
“This one must work.”
In 2017, the Quebec government approved the quarter-billion dollar budget for a new roof, to be installed by 2023 — leaving Montreal with time to spare before the city plays host to some of the 2026 World Cup matches.
“Obviously, we will try to respect the budget and the schedule,” said Landry. However, he said, the focus must be on quality.

It would make more sense to demolish and perhaps rebuild, if desired, but apparently there are two issues that make the expense and risk unviable: (1) it is built immediately adjacent to the Metro system, and (2) built with “high-tension concrete” which vastly increases the cost of demotion … apparently no other stadium has used it, so other demolitions are not comparable … I’ve read in the past that the normal explosives demolition would not work and it would have to be knocked down piece by piece.

The first two roofs didn’t work, so let’s give it to the same firm, the one in the news… I think the push back might be so they can hand it over to SNC-Lavallin who has screwed it up the last two times.

I think the push back is the time it took the OIB to convince the new Quebec government to support the original decision to add the 3rd roof.

I would suggest they give up on suspending it from the tower and look at arches over the stadium supporting a retractable had roof on rails.

I think that they are doing something like that

I think they should be looking into force field technology.

Surprised they just don't look at the glass used in Minnesota's new stadium and see if they can replicate something like that with the current structure even if they need to demo some of it to make it work .

A roof that moves is not necessary but the natural light and proper air circulation would do wonders for the climate in Montreal . If it actually lasts and is durable enough would be the icing on the cake for Quebec tax payers .*

This is a great design, the slope and the conductive heating system melts the snow and drains its water. Probably not energy efficient at all but certainly practical, attractive and smart.

Renovating the concrete portion of the roof would face the same issues as with demolition … but this would be a great option to consider for the new roof.

I'm not sure I fully understand it, but it looks like they want to have some sort of retractable seal over the middle of the stadium. But not before 2024.

«On est à l’étude pour avoir un opercule [démontable] sur le toit du stade», détaille Maurice Landry. Celui-ci pourrait être de la dimension d’un terrain de soccer, afin de permettre à la future pelouse de bénéficier de conditions climatiques optimales.


Exactly … they need to replace the current roof and want to look at something retractable (but not the original suspended from the tower concept) to make the stadium more inviting whenever possible … the original plan had been for 2023 but with he election of a new government it seems to have taken a year to get them to commit to the previous government’s support for. anew roof … I don’t believe that they have even tendered the design yet, let alone to construction itself.

Funny how the Mayor and the Premier are willing to spend 200-300 millions for 3 soccer games but wont spend a penny of taxpayer money for a baseball stadium

I’m glad they want to fix the roof because you cant hold a Grey Cup in a baseball stadium but the hypocrisyis amazing

And one can only imagine what the final figure will end up at.

At least double

Well you know the soccer games will come with Federal subsidies.

I think that’s the problem . More future problems with a retracting roof for two or three months with no legacy tenant in place to take advantage of such a roof . I am sure there is way more future technical repairs and ongoing maintenance for such a roof . That’s how they got in this mess to begin with a design that was not vetted .

I am sure an engineering firm can come up with a less costly way for a transparent roof that lets light in 24/7 - 365 that takes advantage of new HVAC air quality that will have people wanting to go to the big O .

Maybe it’s my roots to get the most for my buck but you can have your cake and eat it too for much less .

Not that I am building expert or have any money invested but ETFE roof panels engineered for that hole whether they have to make it bigger or not and have a new support system in place to support it ; will give the place a whole new life .

Not sure they need a Mercedes Benz roof for the big O .

By the time the Quebec government finishes a project like this for the money they would pay, may as well build a new stadium.

Actually I didn’t. but its still taxpayer money…its just from a different pocket

Wikipedia has it sitting at 1.47 billion in Canadian dollars with all the work that has been done so far and you still can’t be in it for the winter months today .

Apparently the thing has “bad bones”… If that is the case, It might be like putting a new convertible top on a car with a rotted frame… (good money over bad…)