Stab at Ricky Williams

Just read this clip from "10 Spot"
Thought it was pretty funny...

  1. Ricky Williams returned from a broken arm on Saturday to run for 57 yards on 11 carries for the Toronto Argonauts. Williams reported feeling no pain afterward, but that might just have been due to his usual postgame celebration.
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Look at #3 on the list:

  1. Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman became the sixth Cincinnati player arrested this year when he was pulled over early Monday on a drunken driving charge. Wow, some guys will do almost anything to fit in.

The "Bengals" - isn't that the name of our team? Or at least that's what I see them called every day in the Spec.

wow...6 players arrested this year alone?....and a serious offence such as drunk driving....yet its rickys old puff habit which gets the CFL and argos such bad press.

Sorry, drummer, but in the USA, the "old puff habit" is a more serious offense than coke, heroin, or rape.

Makes complete sense to me.



I really dont think that this guy is pointing out bad press for the CFL or the Argos. If you didnt realize each comment is said tongue-in-cheek, as if it were the top 10 list for the David Letterman show. Lighten up

Whaz up, dawg?

To paraphrase a newspaper maxim, "Any press is good press," even if it's the Argos.

My beef wasn't with the player, or the rag, but the US system of "justice".