ST Return game

Als return game stats ... this season worst average return yardage since before 1975.

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I saw that post of Herb's too. Frackin sad. Even worse, our head coach refuses to admit that we have a serious problem.

I thought the same thing when I read it. 5.3 yard average.... and this is not a problem?!!
Continuosly giving up field position forcing the O to start deep in their own zone and this is not a problem?!

I do hope this is at the top of the list of "immediate repairs" this off season.

Sadly, I don't think much is going to change. Trestman is very stubborn about special teams, it seems. He won't admit that Bischoff isn't the answer as ST coordinator, and he doesn't seem to place a high priority on the kick returner doing anything except avoiding loss of yardage. I wonder if it's an NFL thing. In the NFL, all the silly rules (specifically fair catch) make the return game almost meaningless. Maybe Trestman doesn't think it's important enough to address.

a shame he may be thinking that way. His understudy certainly could show him how important that aspect of the game can be in the CFL. :wink:

I agree with all your comments, Interesting how he answer the question I would have expected a better answer from a lawyer. Anyhow I don't think he has an answer in him. Glad that some of our ex player's and coaches are in :slight_smile: the big game.

Dear Santa,

Those of us on the forum have been very good this past year (well most of us anyways!), and we would be eternally grateful if you could find a way to send Larry Taylor our way now that he is a free agent.

We will even promise not to make fun of Andy Bischoff and his track suit.

Thank you Santa.

I did not know that Taylor was a free agent but he might be after too much money. As noted by many on this site, Bishoff is the problem. If we get some change ( which is not in the cards now ) then I would bet Popp could find a few rookies which would be cheaper than paying big bucks to Taylor.

Well he isn't yet. Don't pay too much attention to that list till Feb 1st.

Why February 1st? Unsigned players become free agents at 12 01 hours on February 16,2013.


Yes and I start looking at the list a couple weeks ahead of free agency. If you haven't signed by then your likely heading to FA. Right now teams are accounting their leftover sms money and tendering offers.

I believe in the beginning of the CFL, going back to the 50's to 60's, there was no blocking allowed on punt returns and, the teams would put a couple of Canadians in that role, most likely some guys who could take a good physical beating. There was a rule change, but I cannot remember the year, but blocking was finally allowed in the CFL. It must have been before Johnny Rogers the All American from Nebraska was signed in 1973. Rogers was one of the first player for the Als that could take a punt and, as blocking was allowed then, return it for a TD. He had a big ego and, would turn around in the final runs with his back to the goal line. He also bragged a lot saying " I'm just an ordinary superstar"! My memory is not exact on this and I wonder if someone like Madjack might enlighten us with additional info re the content and date of the rule change.

A few stories Niagara that will shed some light on the rule change. Ed Learn and Jim Copeland were a couple of our big punt returners in the pre-blocking days. My grandfather told me about them. :wink:

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idealsheldon: Thanks for putting this great stuff on our site. I really enjoyed reading the material and, will photocopy it for reference.I thought Ed Learn was one of the best DBs in the history of the Alouettes. He started with the Argos but somehow the Als obtained him- much to the fans delight. The reappears to be generations of Alouette fans in your family. So does my family. One of my sons is an avid fan of our team and was sitting in a section of Regina fans when Regina's 13th man gave us a Grey Cup. He told me that many of the SASK persons cried when we kicked the winning FG. When I visited them in Calgary I was pleased that Miles (4.5 years and Sterling 2.5) both knew who Calvillo was. Having a 2.5 youngster able to identify our QB is really great. Miles and I watched a game together and, outside we played Alouette football. I was Richardson and Miles was Calvillo. Just a week ago I sent the two boys Calvillo stamps which they put in their collection. Thanks again!

Thanks for posting those articles. I'm trying to picture players not blocking on a punt returns. How would that even work. I'm trying to picture it but it seems like it would be a total suicide mission of sorts. I guess I'll Youtube the concept and hopefully there will be some old footage. If anyone has footage of the pre-blocking days on punt returns, post the link.

I imagine that prior to blocking on kick returns, the game would have been much more true to its rugby roots, with players lateraling the ball frequently so as to make progress up the field.

There would be infrequent attempts to lateral, too much margin for error. It was basically catch ball, get creamed.

Actually not much different from our punt returners this season.

Hey, sheldon, you just took a direct quote from Andy Bischoff's playbook without crediting him !

That is most certainly NOT from Bischoff's playbook. You guys got it all wrong! It's:

Catch ball.
Get creamed.
Get pushed further back because someone took a holding penalty on a punt return that netted us 0 yards.

Options in the playbook include running back for 5-15 yards before getting creamed, fumbling, and/or giving possession of the ball back to the other team because we had too many men or someone jumped offsides.


I doubt they were using 160 pound returners back then :lol: Ouch...