St. Pierre to sign with Riders
It's expected that the club will announce the signing of non-import Jonathan St. Pierre this afternoon.

St. Pierre, who was selected by Saskatchewan in the second round of the 2008 draft, had been expected to draw some free agent interest from the NFL this year.

Rather than waiting for the NFL Draft, he has elected to sign with Saskatchewan.

Extremely Good news.

I wonder if he and George St. Pierre are related?

Furthermore, if Regina needs cash to start the ball rolling for a domed stadium they should talk to Dana White and the boxing commissions in Sask. at a biiiig roundtable. I assume they could then expect some $$$ from the prov. and feds. since Winnipeg got it. It's no secret the UFC would love to have a central location in North America where events could be held weekly and packaged for a weekly television program like WWE's Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

I could see it being a good fit with Regina's central location, lack of a current facility, recession guarded economy, sports/entertainment fans, and the already established TV and Film production industries.

Recession-guarded economy? Until about 3 years ago, we've been Canada's equivalent to a welfare bum....

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The source said St-Pierre has signed the "the highest Canadian rookie contract in the last 10 years if not ever in the CFL.'' I don't know the financial details but the contract is for three years and an option

yikes! While the signing in and of itself is good news, we better not go over the cap again given the speculation regarding salary....
I have to question the need to make that kind of financial commitment to a rookie in the SMS era. Better we let him take his crack at the NFL.....

They probably gave him some extra to sign him to something better then a 1+1 and see him bring his game to Montreal. French Canadian players are as drawn to playing in Quebec as Prairie kids are to play in Saskatchewan... My guess is he signed 3+1.

This would also mean it is the last season for O'Day in Saskatchewan.

LOL! No, GSP is from St-Isidore, JSP is from Longueuil (Montreal South shore)

If you check the link provided, a 3+1 deal is being reported. No doubt there has been a signing bonus, likely of some significance given the apparent length and girth of the contract. I suppose Jeremy could be in tough to keep his job, however he also just re-signed with the team for at least the minimum 1+1, and likely got a bonus. ET is obsessed with centres. Every draft we "had to draft a centre cause Jeremy is getting old". The funny part is, lots of centres didn't play the position in college. I don't think O-Day was a centre when he came up. Who knows if this one will pan out.....

The Leader-Post has confirmed the initial reports, and the contract is 3+1 and a possible 75,000 per year.

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If that's the case, it probably balances out overall. Even if he gets a lower amount for a shorter deal, if he's any good he may make it up and more on a new deal 2 years out. I'm not freaking out over $75,000 per year.

Our O-Line shed salaries of January, Morley, and Abou-Mechrek. Replaced with some young canadians ( Rempel, St. Pierre, McGrath ). Our O-Line gets upgraded and costs less.

75,000 doesn't sound too bad---almost hard to believe that might be the most any Canadian kid ever got as a rookie. Still sets the bar a little high, and I am not sure why.

You might be right about morley--he was overpaid. But we likely are paying our starters on the line more this year than last year. McGrath definitely received more (my guess is substantially more) than Abou. Belton likely received as much, or more than January made last year, and O'Day and Geno both signed new deals that I doubt saw them take a pay cut. Smith may also have re-signed--he makes lots of cash one way or the other. St. Pierre might be making more now as likely a back-up than Abou made as a starter last year. Upgraded yes, with McGrath. Cost less? Can't see how....

Just updating the cash amount on this deal:

The Riders signed the non-import centre for three years and an option for a fourth year. It’s believed that the contract is guaranteed, could average $80,000 over the four seasons and doesn’t include incentives regarding playing time. St-Pierre decided to forgo the uncertainty of the NFL draft for the certainty of the Roughriders’ offer.
I don't know what "guaranteed" means, but that is a sweet deal for the kid.

Probably means that if they cut him they owe him what ever portion of the 320k is left on his contract. This is a game changer in the CFL if true.

It could mean that..... but I doubt it.
If it does mean that however, then ET is clearly no longer capable of dealing with his personal issues and of being the GM and needs to resign. All the more reason why I can't imagine that is what is meant. On the other hand, I am having some trouble imagining another scenario that is much better. What I think it might mean is, if placed on the PR, he will be paid his full salary regardless. Can't say I much like that if true, but it is somewhat better. I am sure some more creative people than myself can figure out what it might mean.....

If the details are correct and isn't errors in reporting. I can see a couple problems the rest of the league is going to have with this signing.

1- A month from the draft GM's can't budget what salaries draft picks are going to command. They've just resigned their FA and until now they pretty much knew a draft pick would cost them around league minimum for two years and half the time would end up on the PR. Everything here just got opened up. Why would let's say Rottier or Lee take 56k or 500 a week when they read this deal? Especialy that in many cases rookies take time to be productive and hit FA or renegotiatie after year one.

2- It resets what NI linesmen make throughout the league. Tsoumpass and Newman who probably will start negotiating their new deals in the coming year with Calgary will be in their rights to ask for 120+ instead of a pay raise to 80k or Woodruff who will be neg. with Montreal coming in as a five year all star div one left tackle, team captain will command what ??? 125k guaranteed contract probably.

I don't want to read like I'm bashing your team after the sms posts but you got to know that if the Riders have really done this with a 2nd round draft pick, they've really put the other 7 teams in a bind and themselves in the league's crosshair.

It is great for the players and the CFLPA must be salivating but this could have a major impact on team's cost control and will come at the expense of veterans once again.

Well He says it is a guarranteed contract and he has a Masters in Economics...

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So does Stephen Harper......... :roll:

We still have no idea what is meant by guaranteed. And actually, the way he uses the term, he may not mean anything unusual. If the Leader-Post had not made it an issue by reporting it, no big deal. What he says is, "now that the deal is signed, he gets a paycheck every week regardless". well so does every other roster player in the CFL. So just based on how he uses the term, "everyone" has a "guaranteed" salary.
I do agree with you about where this places the rest of the league, and even future Rider decisions, regarding salary. If the 10th overall pick is worth this, what is Rottier, likely the 1st overall pick this year, and also an o-lineman, going to be worth. And I wonder how Keith Shologan feels today as our 4th overall pick in the same draft who no doubt signed for considerably less money.
And it continues to be, for me at least, an issue of why throw a boat load of cash at an unproven rookie, highly touted or not, and not be willing to pay guys who have already proven their worth to the team.