St. Louis

I noticed that the St. Louis CFL site has been recently updated from the last time I checked it. Why would they do that?

we can't see something like that from the East?

The update coincides with the commissioners comments about expanding. Coincidence or something behind it? Remember the rumors about the St. Louis Blues owner having some interest? Blues have regional TV - if that happens in St. Louis for a CFL team and they duplicate attendance with US income they wouldbecome the richest team in the CFL.

Anyways don't shoot the poster. Just thought it was interesting. Here is the St. Louis Web site for those that haven't seen it.

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Stranger things?
I have always been a proponent of limited US expansion, involving only close US cities to our border with no other professional team to compete against.
We need to get our 10th team and maybe then a separate 4 team US division.
If done properly it could be a financial boom to the league.


ONLY works if the Canadian teams have no Canadian player content rules. If U.S. labour laws were different and an American city also had to have the same ratio then I MIGHT buy in. As is, no, no, and no. Sorry.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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Totally disagree, how about learn from your mistakes?
In addition to my earlier qualifications re sites, how about let's say expansion fees at $50M with a bond held by the league for $25M and the further requirement at a minimum season ticket base of 25,000 for 3 years.
Now that would guarantee success.

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Agree 100 % DCM.

2 things , first what you said and second I am just against it.

For the many reasons I go over again and again.

Dear US, please go form a new Spring FL and leave us alone.

What can I do to stop this subject that keeps coming up ?

If you want US expansion talk to stop then you will need to make about 2-3 full cities somewhere in Canada that are large enough to support a team and finance a stadium. The biggest reason that the league has yet to expand (in Canada) is there is not a free city with enough population and all the resources needed to get a team going. Halifax? Quebec? London? Windsor? The best four Canadian options ... none of which are ideal. Do we want a repeat of the last US experiment... of course not. That would be why you would need to put more thought into any future attempt. I would not want any more than 2-3 US cities at most but if I had to choose St. Louis would be on my short list if there is interest in that city. I would look into making them sign a long term agreement of some kind (if that is legally possible), such that they can not put an NFL team there while the CFL team is there so as to avoid a Baltimore repeat. In a perfect world (well my ideal world at least ) the CFL would have 12 teams 6 West 6 East. We might be able to get a 10th team in Canada but any more than that will require being open minded to some limited US expansion.

I was thinking the smallest CFL city is Regina- pop. 236,000.
The Cdn. cities with a higher population are Saskatoon-295k, Windsor-329k, Victoria-367k, Oshawa-379k, Halifax-403k, St. Catherines-406k, London-494k, Kitchener(Cambridge/Waterloo)-523k, and Quebec City-800,000..
To me Halifax may not be a viable location as they are so far from the rest of CFL locations that they feel closer to the NFL New England Patriots. Quebec City on the other hand would be an excellent rival to Montreal, Victoria a rival to Vancouver, and of course any Ontario location would become a rival to TO and Hamilton.
Other than Saskatoon which would hurt the Roughriders in Regina, why can't the CFL expand into any of these other cities, if there was enough commercial interest to invest in a team using the Roughriders as a template.
Further to this, if there is no chance of expansion in Canada, I remember back in the late 1960's, the Eskies and the Lions played exhibition games, if my memory is correct, in Portland, Oregon for a couple of years in a row...population of Portland is over 600,000 and probably no chance of the NFL moving in to compete, I think they are close to the Cdn/Am border and could become a rival of the BC Lions much the same as Calgary/Edmonton because of their proximity to each other.
The only problem with expanding into the US is the Cdn ratio and I don't know if anything can be done about that






Just so I can come back to the forum and proudly say :


so go from the 90's, an era of expansion to keep the league afloat

to now, where we would be expanding for the sake of being a parasite? we would not be a cultural benefactor to a beneficiary in this scenario.

we're not learning from our mistake, we're just being more aggressive about exploiting what we think we should do.

we need to stay out of the USA

New commish was vocally anti-US expansion when it happened...for what it is worth

Saskatoon would hurt the Riders there is about 1mill people in the province you do not want to break them up into two teams. Victoria has no shot at working its a retirement community of which most people would have little interest in football. Kitchener/London/St Catherines are in Ontario where the Argos cant even sellout a 20k stadium and would also affect Hamilton's fan base. Quebec would be the same with Montreal. Halifax and Windsor/Detroit are the only cities that would tap into a new fan base but questions arise about stadiums and viability. There is no 100% good answer here so if you want to see more teams in this league you have to at least consider limited expansion to US. However if you want to go there please take much more care and thought than last time. Just accepting a fee to keep the league afloat is not good enough.

Anchorage or bust.

As bad as Halifax, Quebec or London may seem, they are far better than any US expansion. We are a small league surviving in spite of the giant next door. We've had teams fold here but guess what, so has the NFL. So many NFL teams have folded and/or been relocated, much more than our Ottawa and Montreal. The only difference is the TV money... I don't think we need to expand south. It's not a good idea. London is not a good idea because then Ontario would have 4 teams. Quebec or down east make the most sense or no expansion at all is good too. As far as I'm concerned, we have too many Americans running and playing in our league now and I have no problem with Americans, just the opposite, but I like to see Canadian boys playing. I like the CIS Football too. We have a great game at both levels and it is not appreciated the way it should be. That's fine too because I get my choice of seats. :wink:


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Nine really is the perfect number of teams for the Canadian game.

The uneven divisions are part of the quirkiness that makes the CFL unique and great.

All nine cities have long history with the CFL dating back to at least the 1950s, when the modern era began.

If it's not broke...

Lots can be done just smart thinking. And your right Portland would be a good fit.

Give your head a shake. Use it it’s okay to use it occasionally.

Good grief!!

US = kiss of death for the CFL. Plain and simple. It is not equal playing fields due to if you are going to do it you need to wipe out the that and the average fan is going to snub it. I don't understand the fascination some have with risking the league with this kind of stuff.

US expansion..not gonna happen. The CFL in the early 90s really needed cash so they gave franchises to whoever to write a cheque. All except Baltimore was a disaster as the NFL noticed the appitite for football was in Baltimore so poof...NFL franchise shows up.
It would be the kiss of death for the CFL.