St. Louis lawsuit against NFL going to trial

Oh I don't see such part of the matter as near the high hurdle as you feel, for an assessment of foregone financial performance based on more such actual data, not merely from some estimate from some research house, would become material to assessing many claimed, and later any awarded, damages.

But it's not going anywhere near there I figure, which I have noted above.

In discovery, in many a case, there is much data revealed and shared that might or might not be relevant to the ultimate verdict or settlement. This is standard practice in a large civil case going to trial and often part of each side's legal strategy as well.

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Well, well,

  1. Here's the confirmation that St. Louis did well to reject the Rams' owner's offer of $100M to settle the case, for they damn well know there was much more to be had and that they very likely would win far more damages if it went to court, which of course the NFL does not want at all costs let alone discovery to show all financial statements.

  2. But now the question has become, "Who pays for the settlement?"

Wow, look there, amongst the NFL owners, no honour amongst thieves!


This is what happens when a snake (Jones) brings in and vouches for a parasite (Kronke).


I think this is the best explanation the lawsuit I've read.

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Looks like St. Louis is settling with Stan Kronke and the NFL.

$790 million seems to be amount.

Was hoping the NFL would squirm a little bit longer and would have liked to have seen what could have happened at trial.

So much for an NFL franchise expansion in St. Louis.


True no expansion team but the city has not determined how the funds would be allocated.

They have the means to put towards a new stadium should they chose and I think would put them at the front of the line for relocation

I believe St. Louis is done with the NFL and vice versa.

Commissioner Jerry Jones don't want small market teams in his world.


One billion in Canadian money not bad .

Take away 30% in lawyer fees and you're left with $500 million for St. Louis.

I think Kronke pays for the legal fees for the NFL side. The fees might've been absorbed by the Kronke/NFL since they were the ones to settle first

I agree ... the only way a team moves to St Louis is if the NFL is paid a $790 million relocation fee ... and an expansion franchise would cost the expansion fee any city would pay plus $790 million ... NFL is vindictive as all hell.

Happy for the taxpayers of St Louis, less so for the football fans.


It's 35%!

Yikes it was an educated guess lol.

Still St. Louis could have held out for more.

Too bad no expansion team. Then Toronto would beg for one.