St. Louis lawsuit against NFL going to trial

The deal was NEVER fair
But like I said it was a deal STL signed desperate to get back into NFL

I pointed out to STLCFL above the Rams wanted 700 million to refurb their aging stadium

Even with XFL the old place still bled money and had high debt service on loans
It was financed entirely by the tax payers as well

The Board of Alderman did approve the $150M towards the stadium. It wasn't unreasonable for St. Louis to expect the team to put in $600M of their own money, the Vikings did. Voters did approve a sales tax hike for public safety. As for the current stadium, it is scheduled to be paid for this year, with the state paying half and the city and county each paying a quarter. If your point is that St. Louis is a poorly run city that makes a lot of bad decisions, you will have no argument with me.
St. Louis approves financing for stadium plan to try to keep Rams from moving to L.A. – Orange County Register
St. Louis voters approve half-cent sales tax hike funding police and firefighter raises | St. Louis Public Radio


If you look at Stadiums the city of STL paid (by far) the biggest percentage of ANY recent NFL team

Yes usually the team put some money in
Yes the lease the Rams got STL to sign was not fair

But stuff like that is why STL has no chance of actually winning
NFL may settle just because its cheaper but STL can not win in a court

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I think lot has to do with the private established club of the NFL and all the private information that gets released or examined that bends the knee if it manages to get to that far .

It appears it's not so much about the case but about breaking thru to the level where they ask for certain information that they may not want disclosed for whatever reason . At least that is what the article alluded to being the reason for a settlement out of court .

Many didn't feel Kaepernick didn't have a case .

There must be something that is in plain view to insiders which is hidden to the NFL outsider . IMO.

Is it taxes ? Is it revenue redistribution ? who knows ....

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Kaepernick? What did he win other than a side show?
They essentially unbanned him but nobody signed him

Only 1 team even expressed interest (Seahawks) but said they were happy instead to keep (a much cheaper) Geno Smith as their backup (never even considered K as a starter)

Kaepernick then went to the XFL and asked for a $20 million contract and was promptly laughed out the door

He is alot of talk and swagger but noone is interested in paying him what he thinks he is worth
Its not discrimination for politics, its discrimination against his insane theories of how much he is worth

Also of note; San Fran did WAY BETTER after K left

I had thought Manziel might catch on with CFL but I doubt Kap ever could
His career is over (even the AAF rejected him, but again they pay a QB $250K per season)
So the "collusion" bs is bs when other leagues refuse to sign him as well

Never said I was a fan just that the NFL has settled lawsuits like his . It was undisclosed but it maybe just 10 million .

They also settled a class action lawsuit over concussions . 1 billion .

It seems when it comes to the NFL it is more about getting to a stage in proceedings than to get to court itself . If you survive the early stages they seem more likely to settle and have you go away .

NFL is very powerful but with that power there seems to be a side they wish not be exposed to in a pubic forum or At least that seems to be the sentiment from articles that I have read .


An update.

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Would the NFL promise St.Louis a franchise at a future date to settle or a cash settlement agreement would be what they (NFL) want?

My bet would be on the latter because the NFL owners never want more competition or anything hanging over their heads from a newcomer.

But of course, say a franchise is ailing in the coming years or say they don't like the public extortion deal they are getting in some town, well then "voila!" insert the St. Louis option for negotiation much like that recent Austin boogeyman nonsense otherwise.

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I think another team is what St. Louis is angling for.

I hear the bills may need a place soon .. :rofl:


Have to wonder why
They lost 2 teams because of old stadiums

Cardinals left in 1988 (60-87)
No team 88-94
Rams left in 2016 (95-15)

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If you have to fork out a half billion every 25 years it's not worth it. The NFL can go to hell.


Ha Ha
The Argos + SkyDome nearly cost a billion ($700 million US or so, back when our dollar was weaksauce)

And they complained about it for years finally abandoning it when BMO let them in

That's because of the stadium design which was supposed to be for football but ended up being more of a baseball style venue.

If there wasn't a rainstorm during that Grey Cup in 1982, then they might have been a demand for the Skydome.

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You do know that the SkyDome was the Blue Jays doing don't you?
They were the driving force behind it it was ALWAYS a baseball diamond first

If the Jays were the SkyDome doing, the playing field would be smaller than the massive CFL field it accommodated for. The claim the Jays had was that they got to the first opportunity to play there, nothing more

Please refer to the 1982 Grey Cup and the rally after demanding a dome.

Clearly obvious the Blue Jays were hot at the time and the Argos were sliding.


Yes of course and the Jays being the prime tennant with over 80 home games a year. They also wanted a large venue for the big rock concerts and could be used in the winter.
The Argos with only 9 games a year were down on the priority list.

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The Argos were asked to pair up with the Jay's when the planning started .
The Argos thought they could do something on their own and couldn't so they ended playing at the dome.
They tried on a couple of occasions and never could.

The dome was always meant to be multi-use from day 1 it was planned for that

Anyways it's a mute point now

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