St-Juste showing he can tick all boxes at pro level

TORONTO — Benjamin St-Juste is one of many Canadian prospects to standout south of the border in the NCAA.

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Wow, if Prince were a football player back in the day? Or if he had a much taller older brother. That might be him. What a resemblance with the face and expression.

"Shirts vs, Blouses. LOL!"- the late Charlie Murphy

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So much potential here. I'm not so sure it's "Game, Blouses" but imagine if he becomes a star so big that in team introductions for a home playoff game, he comes out in some purple blouse jersey and outfit like Prince with "Baby I'm A Star" blasting and does a dance performance as he heads to midfield and then of course rips it off amidst pyrotechnics with the crowd in a new rage. We're talking beyond Ray Lewis here now with the flames burning around him.

Or this all could be only for a comedy skit I suppose but yeah may he become a star player in his own right in either league Prince scheme or not.

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