SSK @ MTL 29 July 2016

Hooray, I get to see this miserable team fail to execute twice in one week! :lol: :oops:

Given the short week, I just hope there are no major injuries suffered by either team.

No Durant. Banged up online and still I don't think they will win.

Yup. I mean, the Hamilton loss was the clincher for me. We had the bye week, tons of time to prepare, we were playing at home, and HAM was missing their starting QB, and we not only lost but lost badly -- we were humiliated.

I have MTL to win this one(although I want them to lose for my own selfish reasons :wink: )

5 of 6 SSK O/L starters are on the 6 gm injured list, heck they have 20 guys on the 6 gm list.
Durant is not starting, you have the better QB,
better D,
better REC,
better Oline
@ home on Cahoon day

MTL 24 - SSK 16

I really hope you're right, Grover!

You can't win football games with 7 to 13 points.

Imagine what will be written/said if the Als lose, which is always a possibility.



-The 0 for 5 field goal attempts by Montreal and Toronto on Monday is the 2nd worse effort in CFL history. The worse was 0 for 6 on 9/3/79 in a game between Ottawa and Hamilton.

-Kevin Glenn's record as a starter is now 92-92-1. This year the Als have scored TD's 12.8% (5 of 39) of the time with Glenn. Without him, the team has 0 TD's (0 of 18).

-Speaking of Glenn, he started 8 games with the Riders in 2015 and was 1-7. With the Als, he is so far 1-2. Receivers coach Jacques Chapdelaine was also with the Riders' as he was their Offensive Coordinator in 2015. Als Linebackers Coach was the Riders' was the Defensive Coordinator for the Riders' in 2015.

-Tyler Crapigna is now 2nd in the CFL in field goal % at 88.2 and #2 in points with 55.

-Namaan Roosevelt is averaging 119.3 yards per game and is on pace for 2100.

-Since making his 1st 2 field goals of this year, Boris Bede has gone 3 of 10 and has missed his last 4.

-Als against the Argos converted on only 7 of 18 2nd down attempts even though they were 2nd and Long (7+ yards) only twice.

-Notable team stats below. Take consideration who each has played.


Als are 9th in points per game
Als are 8th in yards per game
Als are 8th in yards per play
Als are 8th in yards per pass
Als are 8th in passing yards per game
Als are 8th in 2nd down conversions

Riders are 8th in rushing yards per game
Riders are 8th in completion percentage
Riders are 9th in 2nd down conversions
Riders are 9th in red zone percentage


Als are 9th in rushing yards per game
Als are 9th in passing percentage
Als are 9th in 2nd down conversions
Als are tied for 8th in red zone percentage

Riders are 9th in points per game
Riders are 2nd in plays per game
Riders are 8th in yards per play
Riders are 8th in yards per rush
Riders are 9th in yards per pass
Riders are 2nd in 2nd down conversions
Riders are tied for 8th in red zone percentage


Als are 1st in kickoff average
Als are 9th in field goal percentage
Als are 8th in kickoff return average
Als are 8th in opposition kickoff return average

Riders are 9th in kickoff average
Riders are 2nd in field goal percentage
Riders are 8th in punt return average
Riders are 9th in opposition kickoff return average

Oof. Our D is dead last in defending second down, second to last in RZ percentage. :thdn:

Common Gale time to show the Alouettes how a bum 3rd stringer can make it one day when the Alouettes have tried 20 in the last few years with no future in sight.

I’m sure Gale will look like a hall of famer against us while we turn the ball over 5 times, take 100+ yards in penalties, miss most of our field goal tries, give up 5+ sacks, and finish the game with fewer than 20 points scored. :oops:

Also, anyone who doesn’t like my attitude is welcome not to read my posts. I’m not a masochist and I don’t drink Kool-Aid. I hope we can break the losing streak tomorrow but I have no reason to believe we can, on a super-short week of practice of practice to boot.

As per CFL transactions of July 25,2016,-only posted today- Int. QB Vernon Adams Jr. was transferred to 6 game injured list.

On July 27,2016, Int. OL Nate Isles was added to practice roster and Int. RB Martese Jackson was added to active roster and then transferred to disabled.


Bah sometimes ur a bit of a ass but thats who u are. We all got to know you and u tell it like it is! Love ur hate for this team and they deserve it and not hiding it like some die hard fans. Team sucks plain and simple.

Everyone's a bit of an a$$ at times. Part of being human. 8)

Vercheval on fire: ... -1.3489496

Love reading this guy's stuff. He's critical when appropriate, positive when appropriate, and he knows the game inside and out.

:thup: :thup:

"Avec une plus grande utilisation du jeu sol, et vous me voyez peut-être venir, on va aider une jeune ligne à l’attaque."

No surprise that Vercheval stumps for more running plans, as an old O-Lineman he often talks about the nee d for a ruling game.

But I agree with him. This is a young O-Line that lacks experience (individually, at their current position or both), except Perret, and doesn't have the experience together to become cohesive/coordinated (no pun/shot at S_AC). Run blocking takes the play to the D-Line rather than reacting to them; plus it is the "dun stuff" for O-Linemen. I think it would be simpler and have a better chance of success if they stick with it. It would also give the O-Line some confidence and reduce the ability of the defence to just tie-it-up and rush the passer.

or at least how you see it; but coherently, thoughtfully (except perhaps in-game when the fairs burns brighter) and fairly.

There is no way to sugarcoat the five year soap opera this organization has put fans through and they know it.

It's always only how I see it, agreed. No claim to objective truth here. In game threads I get hella agitated just like everyone else. :lol: