SSK Logo changed



Surely, they can't be serious!!

Surely, it is serious!!

Can't see the Maple Leaf.....this must have Orridges' finger prints all over it. :cowboy:

So now the Riders logo matches most of their history... free of Grey :wink:

Hey Grover, jokeing it up over the Rider logo when it's been 16 years and counting since Hamilton won the Grey Cup :lol:

Wow, big change.


Dammit, now I have to repurchase all my Rider gear. Can't be out of fashion heading into the spring. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, in your signature, you list only eight Grey Cups for Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but seven for Montreal Alouettes. Given that the Tiger-Cats have a direct lineage to both the Hamilton Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats through the merger, while the current Alouettes have nothing in common with the original Alouettes other than their name, at least one of these is incorrect.

Just buy some Whiteout or bleach to change the grey to white. :slight_smile:

....this can have a positive impact on a team guys....take for example the Arizona Cardinals...they made a similar move a few years follows:

...and it resulted SB appearances...., nevermind...

And 16 years and forever from now, they will still be talking about the 13th man . Need proof ? The 1971 slip and fumble is shown over and over.

Shawn Lucas and all Rider Nation will never live it down.

BTW, Grover :thup: clever and funny.

Anyway, the new logo looks better with all white and no GRAY. ( North America ) Grey ( UK ). For the record.

I think the Canadian spelling is grey for the colour at least it was for me growing up unless it changed like everything else . The auto correct wants color but it's not getting it as I would get an x on my spelling test in the 70's . :slight_smile:

Fact is both are correct. However, US and Canada it was gray, and grey was the British / Australian version.
That was just origins though. Both are accepted now regardless of region. Colour - color, labour - labor or blond - blonde.

Regardless, I think the new Sask logo is nicer. It will be brighter and stand out more. It will mesh with the jerseys as those dropped the GRAY.

.....And the old is new again....Did someone just take the old one to a laundry and submit a bill for it??? :lol: Seems there's hands in pockets all over the place in Regina...I'm sure it'll have a positive impact though :lol:

Not official, but it does support the spelling "grey".

And "grey" is also what I was taught in school.

Horrible money grab. If I ever needed another reason to hate the SRR, I have one.

Re: the Grey/ Gray debate. Both are acceptable to describe the colour. Much like other words, it's the British vs American spellings. I personally prefer grey.

As for the trophy, the ONLY correct spelling is GREY. Here's why: the trophy was donated by British nobleman Earl Grey (the same guy the tea is named after). Since it's named after the donor, that's how it should be spelled. Bonus fun fact: Earl Grey wanted to donate a trophy for hockey, but Lord Stanley beat him to it by a matter of a few weeks.

I regret bring it up. Did not know it would go this far. However, lets not confuse the color or colour with the Earl Grey name or Grey Cup Trophy.

My real point is the new SR logo is much nicer.

How is it a money grab? The merch we already have that has the logo with the grey is still fine. We also have merch with the old pre-1985 retro logo... That also remains fine... This is just on new merch going forward, the same new merch we would have had regardless of the fact that they've tweaked the logo slightly...

Methinks you just wanted something to bash the Riders about.

It's the same logo. They are hoping to sell more merchandise. Sounds like a rip off to me.

Me thinks you're right. :wink:

This is yet another assault on our traditions! Bring back the silver off-set lines now!

(Actually I suspect it due more to the fact that their uniforms no longer use silver and it's merely a reflection of team's current colour palette...)