SSK Illegally works out Johnny Manziel

Riders workout Johnny Manziel in violation of CFL rules

Johnny Football has worked out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Sources say Manziel was put through the paces by the Riders in Florida in advance of last month’s Senior Bowl. Manziel resides on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list, having been added on Sept. 9, 2012 and Saskatchewan did not have permission to conduct the workout. That’s a violation of CFL bylaws, according to the league.

“The rules regarding the neg list are outlined in our by-laws. A team has exclusive rights to a player on their neg list,? according to a league official. “Therefore that player could not be contacted by, worked out by, or negotiate with another club unless consent is given.?

Roughriders president and CEO Craig Reynolds declined to comment.

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Chris Jones is denying this story, but Dunk has never been wrong in his reporting.

It would be great for the CFL if Manziel played up here. Publicity, TV ratings and ticket sales would all increase.

Austin, who, I'm assuming, wants nothing to do with Manziel due to Manziel's character issues, and Hamilton's depth at QB, also knows this.

Therefore, I can definitely see us trading Manziel's rights to the Riders for something of value. The Riders have a high first round pick this year, as well as some great young import DB's and receivers. Hopefully Austin can fleece Jones out of at least one of these assets.

Even if a trade is expected to happen eventually, an unsanctioned workout like this gives SK a chance to "kick the tires" on the player beforehand in a way that they're not supposed to be allowed to do without Hamilton's permission. And imagine if Manziel tore up his knee or something while doing a workout for a team that doesn't hold his rights.

Someone trying to show up Pete, for his Troll ?

This reminds me a bit of the Vince Ferragamo trade to Montreal. He was on the Cats' list and was sent to the Als for Rb David Green and Wr Keith Baker. I believe it was around 1981 and the Als paid Vince $400 000 for one year.

Today our starting quarterback is making around the same money. Today the Cats would probably get a high draft pick and perhaps a starter

Rider fans are dumping all over Justin Dunk for reporting this story but who are you going to believe? Chris Jones has already broken league rules in the past, so I'm thinking that Dunk is right and Jones is doing what Jones does. :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Not really... Austin went nuts and agreed to pay Collaros $520,000 (not including bonuses) this season.

Not even close when you factor in that $400,000 in 1981 would be valued at approx 1.1 million in today's market in 2017.

There was no salary cap in 1981. A huge payout to one or two players by an irresponsible GM did not jeopardize the competitiveness of the entire team as it does today.

The Als paid him $400,000 year and a year later the Als went under!!

I saw a TSN panel discussing whether the Argos should kick the Johnny Manziel tires. The thinking was that the Argos need to get some fans excited about the team. If Manziel has his act together, then maybe the Argos would be the best destination for the league, as a whole.

If he could be half as good as Doug Flutie, then every team benefits. The kid is a pretty good quarterback but the character and off the field behaviour issues have to be resolved first.

Since the Argos already traded their #1 pick this year, maybe the Cats could ask for this year's second rounder and next years #1. Perhaps the Argos could go all Mike Ditka/Ricky Williams and give us all their picks this year. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old Leo Cahill fan)

If this is true then I think the league really needs to step on the Riders necks. This is flagrant cheating for a team that has scoffed at the rules before.