SSK fans in mcmahon

just wondering if anyone is blowing the riders fans in calgary thing out of proportion? hearing rumors about people being arrested and so on... not accusing anything just curious... from where i was sitting i could see about equal numbers of both fans being removed... again just curious. Love the rider/stamps rivalry... especially when edmonton is brutal :slight_smile:

I was at the game and it was both teams fans ! SK fans were talking tons of smack before the game and in the 1st half. I knew there would be some trouble if CGY starting winning big ! SK fans can dish out, but some of them have trouble taking it when things go bad ! Not all, but some !

...I guess I'm blessed with a good section ('C'), both sets of fans were (and have always been) good natured and well behaved...some of the single game tickets sections are the worst...

Ya, I think it is similar in most stadiums, it is almost always the single seat sections where the problems occur.

I've been to a few games in McMahon over the years and it's always the 4 corners that are the worst. The middle sections are pretty tame as they are mostly filled by season ticket holders.

ya i agree im in section U and again with season tickets theres not a whole lot of action lol but just wondering if there was any whining from either parties the next day haha :lol:

This behaviour is typical of all teams fans...some can dish it, but they can't take it...poor sports if you ask me.