SSK @ EDM, Nov 5

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the injured EDM RB, James Wilder, who is forced to sit out this game. He got hurt while trying to entertain his wrestling fans with an after-the-whistle body slam of an opponent. May he recover quickly.

Ellingson and Walker also out, presumably as a result of dirty play by Simoni.


Did that commentator just say "rectum", or "wrecked him"? :slight_smile:


Damn near killed him...


Elks D looks really good. Offence not so good. But the O is improving now!

3 - 0 for Elks

Sometimes it looks like Fajardo WANTS to get hit.

No way Rider fans can go with "we never win in Commonwealth " this year, can they?

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Surprised we haven't been barred from other game threads and pushed to the main forum.

Then again this feels like the main forum anyways.

It is for me.

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TSN daring me to go to bed by putting Suitor on another Rider game.

They're not even trying at this point.

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Same here. I rarely go onto the "main" site.

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Mike Jones getting multiple mentions. I knew tonight was going to be special.

Cody on his game tonight - not! 5 for 8 and 47 yards, and 1 int.

He's 3rd in yards and by my loose count the teams that were forced to start more than 1 QB (Hamilton, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto) all have more yards than Sask.

So again inflated stats due to other teams' injury.

Am I hearing things, or have they added more "masculine" bass to Proulx's microphone? :slight_smile:

Or to put it another way, Fajardo is last among QBs who have started every game.

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Got him a West MOP nomination last year.
He should get a gold star.

Fletcher > Wilder

You can literally predict suitor.

"now that's the 50/50 balls we were talking about"

He's a video game. Has 4 lines that repeat.

How long till we hear that Nick Marshall’s experience as a QB gives him an edge as a DB?