SSK allegedly possibly maybe illegally works out Manziel

Riders workout Johnny Manziel in violation of CFL rules

[i]Johnny Football has worked out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Sources say Manziel was put through the paces by the Riders in Florida in advance of last month’s Senior Bowl. Manziel resides on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ negotiation list, having been added on Sept. 9, 2012 and Saskatchewan did not have permission to conduct the workout. That’s a violation of CFL bylaws, according to the league.

“The rules regarding the neg list are outlined in our by-laws. A team has exclusive rights to a player on their neg list,? according to a league official. “Therefore that player could not be contacted by, worked out by, or negotiate with another club unless consent is given.?

Roughriders president and CEO Craig Reynolds declined to comment.[/i]

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.....Don't expect Corky and company to obey CFL rules...The league is still dealing with the illegal house of players they set up....This latest gambit is par for the course...Cheats :thdn:

Well if they actually did this, the news is very disappointing in a number of ways:

  1. That Jones is up to no good again.
  2. That Jones would show any interest in this butthead
  3. That the Ti-cats continue to waste a neg list spot on this guy.

Overhyped in college. Crash out in the pros.

Perhaps the original poster should add "allegedly" to the thread title. Riders are denying this happened and are considering a lawsuit against 3rddownnation for their unsubstantiated report.

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From #CFL's Paulo Senra re: Manziel: "We are investigating. The Riders tell us that they did not work out Manziel." con't... #Riders


More from #CFL: "At this point, it appears the report is false. Should other evidence come to light, we will deal with it accordingly."

I don't suppose anyone in this thread would like to retract their comments, would they?

Perhaps Dunk can state for the record where and when the alleged workout happened, and who from the Roughriders organization was there. You know, some actual journalism?

Hamilton Spectator just picked it up. Drew must think the source is solid. Manziel was at the Senior Bowl...

Even if it is never proven I am sure Jones and company did quietly work out Manziel once again circumventing league rules. Just look at his history. He has no respect for this country, for the league's rules or for anyone in it. Hiring someone like this to be in complete charge of their organization reflects badly on the Rider organization. Real bang-up job there guys! :thdn:

I heard it was his younger brother Joey. They look the same except Joey isn't a drunk.

Of course that's what you'll think. No evidence of anything whatsoever, but you'll take the "alternative facts" route.

Personally I'd love to see John Manziel sober up and play in the CFL.

Neg list make no sense to me whatsoever.

....So then this is all conjecture then....Considering that it a previous offender to league rules, we will have to wait until there is definitive proof, however where there's smoke...Could there be a 'grainy video 'somewhere that could make an appearance???Some are saying there might be and that would put a whole new light on the situation :roll:

Denise Michaels, spokesperson for Johnny Manziel, tells TSN her client did not work out for @sskroughriders or for any #cfl @cfl team

I hope the poster is ready to back up and substantiate the bold claim.

If not the title should reflect that it's been alleged

Justin Dunk says he stands by the article. Dunk says it did happen. He noted that he has been working on the story for a few days and made sure his sources was accurate. In addition, both the Riders and Ti-Cats were given a head's up before the story was released.

Dunk reasons that the Riders would never admit to the workout. They also initially denied the Practice Roster violations story from this past season. Likewise Manziel's preference is still the NFL. Having it known publicly that he worked out for a CFL team might lessen his chances of signing down south.

Time for Corky & his rider worshippers to hire Spinnochio - aka Kellyanne Conway, the rugged little blonde who does most of the lying and spinning on behalf of Herr Trump! :cowboy:


IMHO, Dunk has been very consistent with his reports over the years.

well...both sides are adamantly saying this never happened. If it did then Jones is in deep...but Dunk better shore things up and either be prepared to back up this with some actual facts or do a retraction because there is apparently some legal action being considered.

On a side note it sounds like the kid is giving an honest effort to clean up his lifestyle. Fully admitting his bad was and working on sobriety and hoping for a shot we might actually see him in the CFL. Hope he has his head on straight...hard lessons to learn when you are handed the world.

True or not, news hit all over N.A. so I would call that a success. If I am the CFL I would want a team everyone likes and a team everyone hates. Latter might as well be the Riders

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