SSK 2020 Grey Cup Ticket prices

High end pricing looks normal.

Still believe all seats starting at the goal line to the back of the endzone should be $100

Are they adding any seating?

Sounds like only a couple thousand additional seats to bring capacity to 35,000 range.

I thought they were expanding to 40,000 for the Grey Cup?

Are those prices for season ticket holders? Or will they receive a discount on those prices?

I thought 40 also but the article on 3down says 35. Seems a little lazy to me. With a bit of work they could get it close to 40 with temp bleachers in the Pil Zone.

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nope. which is why some of the pricing is higher.

That said...if it sells out quickly, plans can change on temporary seating just as fast.

Standing room actually...around Pil


yes (25/ticket)

Watched the video on the Rider site.

Not adding seats because they don’t want the concourse to be too busy.
Want the same feel as regular season.

Load of BS to me. Its the championship game. Pack in as many people as possible. Greater benefit to concessions, grey cup week parties and to the city.

Just sounds like they just want to limit their investment. Maybe due to the league spreading around Grey Cup revenues now, and the host doesn’t get all the money. Either way, its the way most of the owners are, rather charge higher ticket prices, fine with lower attendance as they can employ fewer concessions and security staff and make similar revenue.

I believe the Mosaic seating is set up based on the Cowboys stadium. Where they don’t have to bring in temp seating, they can just slide the current seats together on the rails and add seats in each row of each section that way. Just doing that, I think they gain a few thousand seats.

I still liked the old rule they used until the mid to late 90’s. If you want the Grey Cup, you have to have minimum 50k capacity. At least that was the rumour as to why Regina had never hosted before they did in the 90’s.

That was true, as you said, up to a point in the mid-90’s. Doesn’t seem to be any minimum requirement now. Like you said, it’s the championship game, should be packed with the biggest crowd they can fit in the stadium.

It is actually that doing so would block portions of the concourse off during regular season games.

Further...there is no point in tabling expanded seats until it is proving to sell. There are still seats for this year's game. If it sells out really bet they will look at adding capacity. Until then...why?

In Regina,

Properly priced and expanded seating would go over very well. They managed at the former Taylor Field.

Too busy or reduced room, same excuse. People are in their seats most of the game. Its the championship game.

Plus benefit if its cold.
If you have 50k packed in, with all that body heat, its easier to handle cold weather. :slight_smile:

It might make sense to have a small capacity in Regina given the notoriously horrible accommodations that continue to exist there. Smaller capacity means fewer out-of-towners having to desperately search for hotels and billets in a city of 200,000.

With taxes and fees the most expensive seats might be pushing $550 and those aren’t even the club seats. Some of the club seats sell for $350 per regular season game. What are those going for in the Grey Cup? $800, $900?

The arguments against expanded seating are...

  • They are trying to elevate pricing. As it has been cheaper historically, fans are still not showing up in full force for the big game. Recent cups, with this strategy, have struggled to sell out. Edmonton showed that it is largely a price point issue as opposed to interest. As they have the large capacity in place, they can sell cheaper.
  • Fans often scoff expanded seating
  • It blocks concourse area during the season (if they go max seating)
  • a big one...temporary seating is generally a break even investment....unless you can pack it a couple times during the season. Only time the Riders are doing that it likely LDC.

Don't get me wrong, I like packing it...but there is merit to not doing it. I think they will see a significant dip in GC week spending with 10000 fewer fans attending. But again...if this thing sells out fast, I would bank on expanded seating suddenly being added. Easy way to save face if it sells slow.

While it was lite last go, and every room within 40 minutes will be packed again, there are a fair number of extra rooms in Regina now. There are around 1/3 more hotel rooms than in 2013.

The Ti-Cats have (sort of) released the 2021 Grey Cup pricing - at least for Ti-Cats season ticket holders. 2020 season ticket holders will get 'an average' of 10% off retail rates. Those who commit to season tickets through 2022 get 25% off.

So the illustration below has the 10% off and 25% off prices.

Here is what the Cats have announced so far.

And here the pricing for Ti-Cats season ticket holders.

if you lock in until 2022, you can get 30 equal installment payments, without interest.

that’ll provide you the 25% GC discount.

We are jumping on that.

Wish they could somehow add a purchase of a GC ticket now, and also spread the cost over the 30 equal installments, but that is unlikely.

Guaranteed to be busy.

Jumped on that deal yesterday. They did ask if I was going to be purchasing GC tix and how many, but no mention of rolling it into the plan. They did tell me that Ticats STHs will have an exclusive 8 week window before selling seats to others, si there will be time to come up with money if not already planned for.