SRR @ Winnipeg - 4 pm EST

A few quick IMPORTANT points...

  • I had cold Thai leftovers for lunch this morning. It was soooooo good.
  • I am off to exercise in this hot, sticky day in Southern Ontario. When will this summer from **** ever end?
  • Jays are winning 2-0. :thdn:
  • I will be at Church from 5 to 6, as will most of you :wink: , so hopefully the heathens will keep this thread full of details about the game.

Oh yeah...

The SRR vs the Blue Bombers starts at 4 and THIS is the official thread. :wink:

It is HOT out there. Muggy, too.


Lots of green in those stands.

Nice play. Too bad he didn't go all the way.

I am the only one here. :cry:

Now that the Jays (win - Yay!) is over - I'm here Kevin. Enjoy your trip to Mass as the rest of us enjoy some football. :slight_smile:

Of course, when I said "heathens", I meant you. :wink:

Article 8 β€” Illegal Participation

A player of either team, who goes Out of Bounds, except as a result of bodily contact, must remain out of that play.

The bomber ran out of bounds thinking the ball was bouncing out as well on the kick. The bomber ran back on to the field and participated in the play. With the position of the officials there is zero chance to miss that call -

Huge play by the Bombers on the pass play plus penalty flags on the Riders. Another penalty Roughing the passer, Winnipeg QB scores TD 10-7 Blue Bombers. Tempers are heating up.

Even when Sask does well (sack near the goal line), they do bad (helmet to helmet hit on the sack). It's like watching a comedy movie.

Not like Nickel didn't drop his head and the rider had his head up

a certain TSN announcer sounds completely hammered.

And ya gone are the days of the forum being active.

Yes I saw that. Should have been a penalty. Instead it was a 15 yard swing or whatever.

That roughing call on that Cox was a bit iffy as well. From what I saw Dressler rubbed his crotch in his face as Cox was trying to get up.

Great return. But there's a flag. Every time!

so after a medical time out to extend it they get to challenge a play..... that needs to be fixed

Holy injuries, Batman. Winnipeg might have to dress some fans.

Flags and injuries. This is ridiculous.

Nice catch by Roosevelt on the sideline there.

TD Riders. Good to see Roosevelt back out there.

There's no rhythm in this game.