Squires resigns

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I wasn't Scott's biggest fan, but I wish him all the best, and I respect the fact that he's putting family first.

As a father who’s traveled a lot for business I understand Scott’s decision and it must have been very hard to make. He did an excellent job in Montreal in year two once the whole organisation made ST a priority. Good luck and hopefully he finds a job in football that allows him to be home regularly.

Also surprised the Argos allowed the Als to grab one of their coach this late in the off season.

Richard Kent-new Als special team coach/coordinator- was the Argos secondary coach for 2009; he was not "retained" for 2010. Orlando Steinauer is the Argos secondary coach for 2010.


That makes a lot of sense ! Thanks Richard

Good to see Coach Kent was able to find work.

That's putting it mildly . I feel like I should put together a montage of your Scott Squires is a terible special teams coach lines from the course of last season :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I think d&P was harder on Squires in 2008 than he was last year. . . but I stand to be corrected.

Don't know much about Kent. . . but the Argos' secondary last season wasn't too shabby. . . Lin J Shell was a real find. . . and in any event, of all the myriad of problems the Argos had last season, the secondary would be far down that list.

Correct. I wasn't crazy about our tendency toward sloppy play on kick coverage, but the teams were better in 2009, and we did have a high number of injuries to ST players.

MadJack, didn't Elfrid Payton smack coach Squires upside the head during a game when Payton was an Alouette? Now that is being hard on the guy....

I don;t think so, Squires has been in the league after Payton retired, way after.