Squeeze tight guys -- Brody makes it 74

Brody Mcknight is the latest former Eskimo into the basement bunker dressing room at Ti-Cat headquarters. Can't recall a team ever having 4 players on a roster, at once during a season, who only kick and/or punt. If you count the Cats now, including the ones who weren 't ever Eskimos, it's 74. That's gotta be a record.

48 players on active roster and 12 on 1 game injured list. 8 on practice roster; 1 non-import will definitely be added from active roster. McKnight? I doubt that they can maintain 12 players on 1 game injured list for too long,unless they have much cap space,which is possible,since they don't have that many top paid players. Yes, I exclude Burris and Fantuz.


Which former Eskimo are we going to sign tomorrow?

He was a Rider cut, no ?

Austin exploring way for someone to do all K/P duties ?

Might I suggest trading for a few more while they're in S. Ontario this weekend. The savings on not having to pay to fly them in from the west could go toward paying for this ever growing roster. :wink:

Its a mockery of the CFL rules plain and simple. They really need to fix this system or get ride of it. Because in the end its money right out of the pockets of the guys who are playing. The biggest joke is the league spending months negotiating two extra practice roster spots. :lol: The end result is you have teams playing with rosters of 60 players and others 75, that's not a level playing field because it gives a huge depth advantage to some teams.

Other teams have been using the injured list and other methods to hide players for years. I say it is about time we started. :lol:

It's the Tillman effect :wink:

Yes, indeed.

Strange how this problem has existed for years, and it's only become a "mockery" since Hamilton started using it.

Hey enjoy, just don't think you guys have the stomach to endure what happened in Edmonton. Last few years you guys have done it like every other team "within reason". 74 players is a ridiculous number by CFL standards and what will likely happen over the next couple years is what happened in Edmonton last year, your going to end up with a bunch of starters hitting free agency and a bunch of pissed off guys because they are being asked to play for less while you have an NFL size taxi squad getting paid and most not contributing a single down and you probably will have little to no draft picks to replace them either. We are in week one and you've already traded a pick.

As per today's CFL transactions, NIP K Brody McKnight has been transferred to 1 game injured list.


You don't have to be a commish to know Tillman's playbook. What do you have against the LFL ? You don't like women ?

Are you surprised :lol:

HS ! Just looked at the roster. You guys have 4 kickers on the payroll :lol:

Always been an interesting quirk in the CFL. I really have no idea why the CFL doesn't strictly enforce their roster size rules...but they don't, and until they don't I have no problem with the Cats abusing the system.

However, 74 is getting a little ridiculous. No one needs 4 kickers, especially when Congi was so good last year.

Is something wrong with Congi or Bartel maybe? Are teams allowed to hide the fact that someone could be injured on their roster without coming out an saying so? This is an unusual signing to say the least considering how we have at least two capable Non-Import hoofers who are doing their job....

He must have twisted his ankle or something in the airport on the way east... :cowboy:

The running joke in Edmonton was that Tillman collects them.

could be stockpiling in order to draw an extra pick or neg list rights out of the argos who only have old man prefontaine right now with waters out for a few weeks at least

Good point, Pre is coming off surgery, there are not many good Canadian kickers out there, smart move :thup: there could also be a nice trade come out of this !!