Where did this kid come from? over 320 combined yards and single handedly beats the Colts in the playoffs. I don't think we've heard the last of this kid and makes u wonder what the Chargers will do when LT gets healthy. Oh and he's only 5'6 and 181lbs. Incredible.

LT is 29. My guess is this kid will be LT's replacement. LT will be joining Alexander in the unemployment line soon...

Kinda sad when ur considered old and replacable at age 29. But i think your right. But if he can stay health i think LT can still make a difference, where as Alexander is useless. Oh and on a side note Manning played really well and it wasn't because of him the colts lost.

Sproles is sick. 08 has really been his 1st chance to show his stuff without Michael Turner there to back-up LT.

Good things come in small packages, what a dynamite player, fun to watch.

It was the defence... again. People can go on all they like about Bob Sanders, but that defence as a group is completely useless. I'd wager most of the kids still playing in the NCAA could run up over 100 yards on the Colts.

After a while, I said San Diego should just run Sproles on every play. It wouldn't have mattered if the Colts knew it was coming every time. The Chargers still would've been able to rack up first downs.

Oh well. Like Dungy, I think I'll use the next little while to decide if I even want to bother with the NFL anymore... Even before the game went into OT, I knew two things: 1) The Colts were going to lose, and 2) I was done with them. It's not that I don't want to cheer for them anymore... I just can't.

I completely agree, their defense has always let them down. But they have Bob Sanders, Rashid Mathis and Dwight Freeney so their is hope. All that they are missing is a dominate middle linebacker. Give them an Ray Lewis kind of player and their defense would be alot harder to play against. That Session facemasking penalty is was lost them the game in overtime, and what a suprise he's a linebacker. I don't know if its time to draft one but with the age of the colts being up there i'd trade a receiver for a decent one. Reggie Wayne for Lofa Tutupu maybe?

Plus Sproles is just a carbon copy of Maurice Jones-Drew who's one of my favourite players. How can you not like the little guy playing against giants.

he ran over the sooners years ago in the big 12 title game…he a utlity back

I think Sproles is great but don’t think he has what it takes to be a every down back for a 16 game schedule. I think if sproles sticks with the Chargers and resigns he and LT will be 1 exciting tandem for years to come. And with the way the NFL is going you almost need 2-3 backs and have them on a consistent rotation just to wear down defences.

I think the Colts have one of the very best safety combinations in the NFL.

Sproles was awesome but I'm not sure how many games the little guy can be running receiving and returning kicks.
Manning played well but aginst a Charger secondary that most qb's lit up they needed him to play great. If you tod him all he needed was more then 17 points in 4 quarters against the Chargers I'm sure he'd take it although I'll give them credit for stepping up as they've always seemed to have theColts number. If the Broncos had made it I'm sure the Colts would of crushed them. Like they say the footballs often about matchups

Sproles on a CFL field would be scary! One can only dream.....one day....maybe?????

I dont know. I think he is going to get paid next year. He got franchised this season, so his salary is guaranteed at around $7,000,000US is believe.

Ya, it would have to be down the road a bit when he loses half a step and becomes too expensive for other teams to sign. Then again, at that point he'd probably have enough money to call it a career by then. Oh well if only he could participate in a beach football event and tear his knee up or start smoking pot.... :lol: