Sprint Out

I'm happy the Leos are winning and haven't shown a lot of their offensive potential yet.

However there is one offensive play that is driving me crazy in Chapdelaine's offence. It's play action fake up the middle to Warren and then Dickenson sprints out. The Leos don't block the defensive end and hope he takes the ball fake to Warren.

It's resulted in a couple of sacks including the one against Toronto in which Dickenson almost had his head ripped off. It's also resulted in additional hits to Dickenson when he's just gotten rid of the ball. It's a play that needs to be schemed differently. In pro football not every defensive end is going to go for the fake and the results could be deadly. Perhaps Printers could outrun the defensive end but most quarterbacks couldn't.

Anyone have any thoughts on this play....I think the way its schemed is dangerous and unnecessary!