Spring League Game

Happened across a spring league game on the tube today. Lirim Hajrullahu made a 59 yrd field goal and later punted the ball to Will Likely . Some familiar names in this game.

Thanks for sharing your find, shutt40.
I turned it on (Fox) and Liam's 4 for 4 mid way through the 4th quarter. His head coach, on a team named the Generals, is Bart Andrus, who won 3, in 18 tries, as the Argos' HC in '09. Jerry Glanville is the HC of another Spring League team, the Conquerors. And, in reading up on the league, I found something else quite interesting -- WR Jamire Jordan, from Fresno State is on the roster of a team named the Alphas. The interesting part is that he's also listed on the TiCats' roster, having signed here in March of last year.

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Lirim is 5 for 5 now

Didn't Bart Andrus play Count Floyd on SCTV ? O-o-o-o-o scary game films . :laughing:

Pat Lynch ( went to school with Bartender Mike )

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If you want to get football back in your weekends, 6 of the Spring League's 24 games, were scheduled to be carried on the main FOX network, with all others on one of the FOX Sports channels which are unavailable in Canada. You can see a game, on FOX, each of the next 4 Saturdays at 3 p.m. and, on Saturday June 12, at Noon. The championship game, a week later, June 19, will also be on FOX at 3 p.m. All of this occurs during the period when the TiCats were to be playing their 2 pre-season and first two regular season games.

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Good showcase for Hajrullahu - he keeps that up he will have no problem signing with an NFL team.

Thanks for the heads up guys, missed the game but would have been interested to see Lirim kick. What was your impression on the level of play? The league hasn’t received a lot of attention and I’m surprised some of the games are televised. Will have to check it out next week out of curiosity and see how many ex CFL guys I can spot.

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Hajrullahu deserves a legitimate NFL shot more then any player out there IMO.
What else does this guy have to do?
If I was an NFL team I would want this mature , veteran, clutch under pressure , strong legged, accurate, kicker with pro experience over any 22 year old out of College kid ANY DAY.
Plus he's a kicker in good athletic shape. He could play another 10 years easily.


Not surprised at all that the games are televised, there is a huge appetite for football in the US. If the CFL was playing this time of year they probably could sell it in the US.
I wouldn't be surprised that it outdraws NHL TV ratings in the US

Someone should start a pro football league that plays in the spring. Guaranteed success.


Wanna hear something really messed up? The Spring League had a fall season. Whatever will they call themselves now?

They even had some controversy between players and league owner. Ex Blue Bomber Cory “ Poop” Johnson mentioned below.

It didn't. NHL got 502k v 380k for Spring League. But the NCAA Sub Division semi got 706k. All were aired around late Saturday afternoon.

The Spring League were drawing Lilly Singh numbers. if the numbers don't improve, the TSL will end up like Lilly Singh

The spring league doesn't need big numbers because they don't pay the players. They also charge a $2000 fee for most players to join the league.

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I heard that the Spring League waived the fee for players that had NFL/professional experience. So TSL is on the hook for paying the players. Remember, this was the league that almost had a boycott from coaches who had payments missed by The Spring League.

They waived the fee but they still aren't paying them nor giving them insurance. It's less of a league than a televised scrimmage. That 380k was at least 250k more than they've ever drawn before.

The Spring League is a glorified tryout camp. If Bob Woods isn't paying the players, then it can't be considered a professional league and any stats accumulated won't be counted as official

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Yes but it's great for the players to get noticed and great for fans that are starved of football this time of year.

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