Spring is in the air, does that mean change for Ti-Cat fans?

I Have noticed that over the past few months many of the Ti-Cat fans have become much more positive in the way they talk about attending games, where the Ti-Cats will place this year, and the actions of Coaches and management? does this mean that people are happy with what is going to happen this year, or if we dont break .500 this year will they complain more?

Personnally i cannot stand these "loafters" that are not truely ti-cat fans, yet they encourage unsportsmanlike conduct, which is not what the Canadian football as a whole, from High School, to Minor, to Uni and CFL is about. I cant wait to go out and see our Ti-Cats play

Hey Mychael-

I don't think that I understand this comment.

Are you for or against people being positive.
If you are for being positive, and against what you see as negative comments, are you branding all concerning individuals as "loafters".

If you are - then I may be a "loafter" because I'm not on any positive bandwagon yet.

These leaves me wondering... my biggest question of all in fact... WHAT'S A LOAFTER? If I am one then I should know what I am.... shouldn't I?

By the way, do all voices of concern equate with the teaching of unsportsmanlike attitudes toward children. Somehow in my years of coaching minor sports I never saw my personal concern over the actions of Ti-Cat players or management interfere with my concern to teach the kids to play hard, fairly, and with respect for the other team, the refs, their team, and themselves.

I guess that I just really don't understand your comment.... honestly.

All the best.

Mehh. I just dismissed it as moral judgment and arrogant.

I appologise as my point was not well stated, but what I have really wanted to talk about was the fact that many people have said that they would not pay to go see the team anymore, but now I have heard more talk about buying seasons tickets and wanting to go to games.

loafters = people who say they are true Ti-Cats fans but do not want to go to the games and support their team.

Also, what i mean to say about the unsportsmanlike conduct is that the fans dont want to support their teams where I like to go to the games just for the love of the game. It only makes it better when the Ti-Cats win.

I should have been more specific in saying this instead of rambling and looking stupid. And I dont mean to sound/be arrogant but this is my standpoint and belief