Spring Football League

Found this and thought it was worth posting for now.

It says a showcase for professional football players CFL/NFL wanting to get another opportunity. Only 4 teams

Only NFL/CFL General Managers can register for player info and film.

Also said teams can register up to 20 players so this sounds dangerous. Is this a way to hide players or lengthen the preseason? Timing looks right

Could this be another talent source? Is it an extension of the practice rosters? Should the CFL teams get involved?


I am wondering if the first season is a demo season and then plan to grow into a real D-League.

4 teams playing in a WV resort. There is no fan base, with no home teams.

What would have made perfect logic, is for the NFL to have bought and took over the MLFB.

They already had combines and roasters. Financing tanked 2 x so they flopped.

The NFL would not have had that problem. Now they are starting from scratch.

This one as well will fail.

Players are supposed to report this Wednesday. Their business model is not what what you would expect when you think of the term: league. Instead, the best way to describe what is happening is they are putting together 6 intersquad games.

About 60% of the people who paid the $350 application were accepted and will form the 4 teams. League will divide the players evenly. All 160 players will train together at the facility. Because the whole season is 6 games in 11 days, the league says the playbook will be basic.

The athletes are not compensated in any way besides food and shelter.

Looks like a high risk proposition for the athletes.

This should not even be called a league.

Spring Football System.
Just as the 3 team Fall " League " - FXFL was

It is just a way for the NFL managers and coaches to get some game film.

One more method for the NFL scouts to evaluate players and offer invites to training camps.

This nonsensical league will join the many other so called leagues that failed big time.

The AFL is really the only other league besides the NFL in the US to survive. I think that is mainly due to it being so different.

I think it did briefly fold, but seems back fairly strong now.

I have never followed football played in a hockey arena.

However , my last wikipedia check showed they are down to 5 teams.

Not sure I would say that was strong.

"AFL" was never that big but there were a bunch of smaller arena leagues a bunch have jumped to NAL national arena league.
"Go Sharks" (I had to shout out to the home team :smiley: )

Regardless, the AFL has lasted far far longer than any other league that played a game very similar to the NFL. The UFL, USFL, XFL, WLAF, and others, all lasted 2-3 years at most. The XFL only lasted 1.

Why do people keep posting stuff about other football leagues in "CFL Talk" forum? There is a forum area to post stuff about other football leagues, but I guess it's too hard to scroll down the page. :roll:

Internet police check....just making sure you are staying vigilant

Last post for me on this subject because I am not interested in watching the games that start next weekend which is 1 1/2 weeks after the 1st practice. I was more curious on who is participating in that league. Link below list some of the more recognizable names.

[url=https://tommysportstalk.wordpress.com/2017/04/08/a-look-at-whos-playing-in-spring-league-football/]https://tommysportstalk.wordpress.com/2 ... -football/[/url]

Brandon Browner ? Wow that's a fall .

Although I still have no interest in the league, I had nothing better to do at the time and watched their 1st ever game.

-Games are not on TV. They are streamed on Facebook.
-Number of viewers game peaked at 1500 which was shortly after kickoff.
-Teams only implemented simple offenses & defenses which did not lead to exciting play.
-Stands must have been on the camera side. Hard to tell how many people showed up.
-Opposite side was another football field and surrounding hills.
-Production values were roughly high school level.
-Facility is not set up for televising football making it hard to follow game.
-Even though there were challenges broadcasting the game, the camera crew struggled.
-There was only one goal post on the playing field because a building is next to one end.
-Amount of viewers declined as the 1st half progressed.
-By the start of the 2nd half until the end, there were about 200 watchers.
-Final score was 10-6.

Y'all know its just an instructional camp with exhibition games?
Not really a league