sportsnet's primetime sports:lots of CFL

surprising, but prime-time sports, on sportsnet, has spent ALMOST the whole show talkin about the CFL .....

they were sayin how great it is, and how friendly the players are...theyre not greedy, over-paid guys....
Tillman is up next.

i wonder what they'll say next week after 50 000+ pack the SKYDOME....arrrrrggggggoooooooossssss

Is that the Radio show that is on TV ? Isn't that weird to anyone else ?

Good stuff, you have a link to that?

Yes I heard it as well. As much as I like Steven Brunt and he is a great writer and sometime supporter of the CFL, every once in a while he has a brain cramp and goes googoogaga over the No Fun League. Meanwhile, before he became CBC reporter and while on the Fan 590 in Toronto, Elliott was big time NFL and NBA guy. Would never talk CFL.

WOW , that is a swich , and thanks . :smiley: